Sultan Khan: The Best Unknown Chess Player Who Ever Lived

Sultan Khan, one of the greatest chess players of all time… and not known.
He played against Jose Capablanca, Alexander Alekhine, Akiba Rubeinstein.

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0:00 Intro
1:29 Game 1 – Mattison
7:12 Game 2 – Marshall
13:04 Game 3 – Capablanca

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  1. “Text messages to the afterlife are kinda expensive”😂 i love it

  2. He was a servant and hence couldn't maximize his potential

  3. khan was like murphy or capablanca in his own right yes he had never played european chess but his mind was trained in board games similar is like changing cars for a pro driver short time later he is back on top..
    thats why indians are so good in chess..hey they invented most of these board games.

  4. I immediately paused this video and googled Indian chess

  5. Love your videos, man. Very interesting story.

  6. Text messages afterlife is so expensive 😂😂😂💗

  7. IDK, black would lose two bishops and a rook, but white would have two rooks and the bishop pair

  8. And here i was thinking pakistan never had any chess player who was known

  9. I never knew Rhett Shull had a chess channel.

  10. Nice video. Mir Sultan Khan was great. According to his daughter (granddaughter?) he definitely could read and write. It’s been published a while ago, also somewhere online.

  11. He the best player in the world sulatan khan also gangis khan the are great people the from afghanistan peshawer city I know his back home he is play like king the did

  12. the last match was like a boxer fighting a wrestler

  13. 6:04 in my opinion black made a mistake in the very first beginning where he saw my boy mir sit down and he didn’t resign on the spot

  14. I love how much fun you seem to have bringing this stuff to us.

  15. Hey Levy! I want to point something out, I really appreciate the care you take while pronouncing foreign names, like Indian or Arabic or Russian names, it's really good to see man. BTW, I don't fault anyone who choose to not put in that effort but when you do, it's massively appreciated.

  16. It's not सुलतन It's सुल्तान

  17. Thank you for this analysis! Hopefully they’ll eventually honor him as a GM and spotlight his games both wins and losses as instructional

  18. "Sultan Khan" is like "Emperor King" or "Dark Chad". Can't get any more mighty than this.

  19. it should be pronounced 'sulltaan' not sultan
    your accent makes a difference

  20. If possible can you do a video on MARSHAL? if you haven’t done it already

  21. Seeing how he executed these games, one of the scariest things i can imagine is trying to defend against an army led by this guy

  22. Wait this guy is literally named Sultan Khan? The Ottoman dream is real

  23. Just found out i'm a low level sultan khan with 0 wins

  24. Omg Indians always want to own Sultans but it was Sultans who really owned them.😂

  25. wow, fascinating story. Thanks for bringing it out

  26. HI 👋 LEVY aka Gotham chess. I’m a subscriber of you for a while now it’s been two years since I got involved in chess.
    Your videos have been really helpful for my chess preparation since I have been able to reach a rating of 1673.

  27. I'm REALLY glad that I watched this video. You have done justice to Sultan Khan and his career, IMHO.

  28. I could just one of these chess masters, after being beaten by Sultan, screaming "Khan!!!" over and over. Just like Captain Kirk in . . . Anyone? . . . Wrath of Khan. 🙂

  29. So with the game with the drunken american, after queen to f5+ can you play Nf5 forking the queen and rook? Just a thought.

  30. honestly you came off as very weak dealing with the blow back from the Indonesian cheater, speak confidently and move on you effacing nerd

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