Welcome to the recap of Round 1 of the Menorca Chess Open, the strongest tournament I have ever played in.


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  1. At 8:48 you should have rubbed one under the table and yes i know you were low on time and everything but it would help you to clear your mind.
    Kind regards.

  2. Oh look this is the 3rd comment 😅

  3. Brave for your opponent to play the najdorf against you

  4. "Strongest chess tournament in the world right now."
    I think theres another just a little bit stronger

  5. I knew you will be posting soon recaps, but I DIDNT IMAGINE THIS SOON🎉😢❤

  6. "Off the rails." Thanks for the riveted explanations. (I looked at your previous games you didn't explain and in every game I thought 20 moves per game were blunders from both sides: I seriously need your guidance.) Good luck tomorrow!

  7. i think you had this position before in 4:10 in an otb game

  8. 16:32 i was watching the stream and thought you would play g5! But sadly you played the check first and you lost the game.
    Even after devastating losses i hope you learn from your mistakes

  9. zach it is normal to lose you learned a lot since your first tournament hope you win next game dont make a vid on game 9 zach you know why…

  10. You didn't play badly here. You just made a few inaccuracies, so against an IM, it's not bad.

  11. Strongest tournament bro what about the candidates

  12. 11:03 ''i can't do what ever the f, i can't do what i want here''… very niice haha

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