Street Worker And Rave Girl Play Chess

Andrea stopped to play chess on the streets of Chicago on her way to Lollapalooza. This chess hustler turns out to be a really great opponent! Drop a like and tell us in the comments, if you’d like to see more videos of Botez sisters playing strangers.
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  1. "That's quite a nice little nothing you're almost wearing. I approve". — James Bond

  2. This is not a fair game there is no way for him to concentrate!!!

  3. It worked; the outfit had me stay and watch. Men are so simple, and they know it.

  4. Always trying to call his attention to make him distracted.

  5. So I determined that I'm about the same chess ability level as Andrea, but that outfit would never work on my figure.

  6. wow, check mate from huge distance with one move after playing defensive the whole time

  7. Think Hikaru should use that outfit for his next Big match💪

  8. I don't get it.That guy looks nothing like a rave girl…..

  9. I wish i was the outfit shes wearing 😩

  10. @6:18 the dude with the Lyft bike is not being subtle about capturing this game on his phone 😅

  11. I thought the girl was the street worker at first

  12. This dress cost a men 200 ELO Points when he play against Andrea

  13. Lol Alaxanda Botez casually calling her younger a sister a street worker in youtube thumbnails

  14. I like the content the channel, which is why I was sad to see your standards. I thought you'd have more self respect

  15. Women nowadays , anything for money or attention or both

  16. kinda apreciate the fact that she's a gratious loser and she also listens to the guy, behaves nice

  17. surprised that old guy could keep up with her in this soccer match

  18. When lecturing about king safety you need to be coherent, she did a one move blunder (or we could argu she was not prophylactic about her king's safety ahead and over extended with the rook) but come one man, he let his king in the middle of the board, that's (most of the time) a blunder strategically speaking. But a win is a win.

  19. They both look like street workers

  20. I don't care how old this guy is, or any guy. Unless they're…ummm…confused about their pronouns, they're going to notice. They've just gotten old enough and wise enough not to gawk by that age.

  21. "Street worker" lol was looking for the street working lol

  22. At first I've read the title as "Strip Worker vs."

  23. She's so hot, I can't take my eyes off her skin.

  24. This is different from the last hot girl vs construction worker video i watched.

  25. Hahaha Andrea was busted by an old man :). the old man is so focus on the 5 dollar than the beauty in front of him.

  26. Hot, super hot – didn't know chess could be so hot. ♨

  27. I've never seen a rave girl wear a vest like that before, but good on her! The street worker's pink outfit is nice too!

  28. Legitimately miss read the title as street walker 😂

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