Stockfish vs. Stockfish: PERFECT CHESS

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0:00 Intro
0:57 Najdorf Game 1
6:20 Najdorf Game 2
8:35 Caro Kann
16:20 INSANE London Game

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  1. that's why they beat 100% humans,
    imagine having that many pieces on board and repeating moves to make it draw,
    most of the times

  2. When stockfish got stocked by itself.

  3. I’d like to believe that not even stockfish could resist en passant even though it completely destroys its attack.

  4. This is Obama awarding himself meme chess edition

  5. GG to Stockfish 15 and nice try to Stockfish 15

  6. what if you were able to somehow tell stockfish that a pawn and queens values were swapped, it would be cool to see stockfish taking protected pawns with a rook or smt thinking they just won four points of material

  7. 2:37 can anyone explain to a noob the reasoning behind white's move King to b1? I'm confused

  8. Stockfish vs Stockfish while Stockfish reviews a game by 2 Stockfishs

  9. This is what they showed the computer in Wargames

  10. Stockfish playing stockfish and evaled by stockfish

  11. i just realized "chess played perfectly is always a draw" was true

  12. when stockfish sacrificed the rook levi forgot to yell, tthhheee rrooookkkk!!!!! 😂😂

  13. I would love to see if the moves are best or good or brilliant 😢

  14. Stockfish Playing Stockfish while Stockfish is evaluating the game.

  15. Stockfish Playing Stockfish while Stockfish is evaluating the game.

  16. Stockfish vs Stockfish, who will win?

    My Answer:

  17. TBH from a noobs perspective repeating moves so the game ends up in a draw should just simply be against the chess rules.

  18. Are you able to tell stockfish it’s just not allowed to draw by repetition? Either by just disallowing it entirely (just force it to choose the second best move or something) or by telling it a draw by repetition is equivalent to a loss? Not counting fringe situations where draw by repetition are somehow the only legal moves for both sides
    I just ask because even if it’s always a draw, draws by trapping a king or something are gonna be more interesting at least

  19. idk about chess, but i can play a perfect game of tic tac toe.

  20. So basically Stockfish 15 is Mikhail Tal!? My reaction in 23:32

  21. Me, a barely 400 rated player: Fascinating, tell me more magic man

  22. This was almost as entertaining as martin against chatgtp

  23. Stockfish took "fight your inner demons"too seriously

  24. This really shows how balanced chess are

  25. What about a game against stockfish where stockfish is trying to lose? Can it do that? If it knows the best possible move then it must know the worst possible move 🤔

  26. mad disrespect with "Its just a horse"

  27. "Oh yeah? Well, what if I sack a rook"? 😂

  28. When Stockfish plays against Stockfish, there is always something fishy going on.

  29. If the same engine is playing against itself without human intervention shouldn’t white always win since it moves first? Didn’t always happen here so there is something more I am not getting but what?

  30. Levy you need to get to the point in your videos dude. Too much jabbering, get to the chess

  31. at 24:23 why didn't white just play queen takes a6 checking the king and then taking the free rook?

  32. Aizen beats every stockfish, cause his plans are beyond being perfect.

  33. this game is 16 months old and we still haven't dampened the audio our recording room. foam pads cannot be that expensive. I appreciate you, but not the echo lol

  34. Why's this under the Cheaters Playlist? Lol

  35. What is incredibly fascinating about this is that in most of these scenarios, white is almost always on the defensive despite moving first.

  36. How often do you think the top players play stockfish to discover new variations they can use to confuse their opponents?

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