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1. e4 c5 2. Nf3 e6 3. Nc3 Nc6 4. Bb5 Na5 5. d4 cxd4 6. Qxd4 a6 7. Be2 b5 8. O-O
Ne7 9. a4 Nec6 10. Qd3 b4 11. Nd5 d6 12. Bf4 f6 13. Ne3 e5 14. Bg3 Be6 15. Nd5
Nb7 16. Qd1 Nc5 17. Nd2 Be7 18. Bc4 O-O 19. f3 Na5 20. Bf2 Kh8 21. Qe2 f5 22.
exf5 Bxf5 23. Nxb4 Bg5 24. Ne4 Nxc4 25. Qxc4 Nxe4 26. fxe4 Rc8 27. Qd3 Be6 28.
Nd5 Bxd5 29. exd5 a5 30. b3 Rf6 31. c4 Qe7 32. Qc3 Rcf8 33. Qxa5 Rxf2 34. Rxf2
Be3 35. Ra2 Qh4 36. Qe1 Qd4 37. h4 h5 38. a5 Kg8 39. a6 Rf4 40. g3 Bxf2+ 41.
Rxf2 Rxf2 42. Qxf2 Qa1+ 43. Kg2 Qxa6 44. Qb2 Qa7 45. b4 Qe3 46. c5 Qd3 47. b5
Qxd5+ 48. Kh2 dxc5 49. b6 Qb7 50. Qb5 Kf7 51. Qxc5 Ke6 52. Qc2 Kd6 53. Qd1+ Kc6
54. Qxh5 Qe7 55. Qg6+ Kb7 56. Kg2 e4 57. Qf5 Kxb6 58. Qd5 Kc7 59. h5 Kb8 60. Qc4
Qg5 61. Qf7 Qd2+ 62. Kh3 Qd4 63. Qf4+ Kb7 64. Qf7+ Kb8 65. Qe7 Kc8 66. Kg4 e3+
67. Kh3 Qd7+ 68. Qxd7+ Kxd7 {Stockfish 15.1 : d=48} 69. Kg2 Ke6 70. Kf3 Kf5 71.
Kxe3 Kg4 72. h6 gxh6 73. Kf2 Kf5 74. Kf1 Kg5 75. Ke2 h5 76. Kf1 Kf6 77. Kf2 h4
78. gxh4 Kf7 79. Ke3 Ke6 80. Kf3 Kf5 81. Kg3 Kg6 82. Kg2 Kg7 83. Kh1 Kg8 84. Kg1
Kf7 85. Kf2 Kf6 86. h5 Kg7 87. Ke2 Kh6 88. Kf3 Kxh5 89. Kf4 Kh4 90. Kf5 Kg3 91.
Kf6 Kf3 92. Kg7 Kf4 93. Kh8 {= (0.0)} *

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  1. Im confused. Why is Stockfish talking so much trash in a drawn game????

  2. I believe no human could play chess like either of them 🙂

  3. Hii stockfish do you want to play with me ludo 😂

  4. How tf did alpha zero defeated you by cheating with stockfish 15 with his another device 😂

  5. Nice game my dear Stockfish ❤️

  6. I love it. Alpha used Stockfish 16 to draw their previous game. Great trash talk!

  7. i think he was cheating🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


  9. simple moves sometimes the best. thats why humans sometimes can play precise, when simple moves the best

  10. The match that Computer (White) made a losing move Bg6, I cannot changed the wallpaper on the screen, played this match between Computer (White) against Grandmaster (Black, Level 22, 2600 elo) with this position 1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bb5 a6 4. Ba4 Nf6 5. O-O Be7 6. Re1 b5 7. Bb3 d6 8. c3 O-O 9. h3 h6 10. d4, and Black played 10… Bd7, Me (1533 elo) had the last opening book move. 11. a4 Kh8 12. axb5 axb5 13. Rxa8 Qxa8 14. Na3 exd4 15. Nxb5 dxc3 16. Nxc3 Ne5 17. Nxe5 dxe5 18. Nd5 Nxd5 19. Qxd5 Qxd5 20. Bxd5 c6 21. Bc4 Bc5 22. Be3 Bd4 23. Bxd4 exd4 24. Rd1 c5 25. b4 cxb4 26. Rxd4 Ba4 27. Ba2 Rb8 28. Bxf7. Black played the move 28… Bc2, Me (1533 elo) knows it has a chance of a losing position for White, Me (1533 elo) pointed it is Kf1. In this game, White played the move 28. Bg6?? (and that is going to be a bust for White, and that is going to be a losing position for White, incredible). In this game, Black, takes the advantage of the mistake, on a losing move Bg6, and that is the only winning move 28… b3 where Black has been played on the game, and Black will win this bishop and a promotion to a queen, Me (1533 elo) converts the move b3 that has seen in 1 second. After 28… Bc2, if White plays 29. Bh5, not the best move, then b3, Bd1 is the only move for White, it is not Bxd1, that is the wrong move, and the analysis knows that is a draw for White. Black's only winning move was to play Ra8, threatening to play Ra1, Kh2 is the only move for White, then Ra1, it ended up Black will win this rook on a queen promotion, and the analysis shows that Bh5 is better than Bg6, the best move for White after 28… Bc2, is 29. Kf1, Kf1 is better than Bh5 in the analysis, and the game that White has played the losing move Bg6, and it played the only winning move 29… b3, and Black will win this bishop, and promotion to a queen for Black.

  11. I love how stockfish don't care and respect other players and when he laugh ha ha ha and you fool ❤❤

  12. Magnus is his child and alpha zero is his pet😆😆😆😆😆

  13. Stockfish is the chess god of the galaxy that line i loved the most😁😁😁

  14. So where do you get your games? Alphazero hasn't actually played since 2018.

  15. Stock fish : he's cheating.
    Wait what 🙄🙄

  16. This dude put life in stock fish and create character out of it. Who keep saying inferior human.

  17. Just cut that pseudo-philosophical bla-bla, and you may be able to beat AlphaZero. Why bore us twice, with also a bloodless draw?

  18. long time ago i said that "when engines become too storng every game will be draw just like tic tac toe game !! "

  19. HA!! got you Stockfish!! …you wanted to say : "my intelligence is faster than the lightning" … because the thunder is slow (aprox 350 m/s only)

  20. It s clear he s createed by Silicon Valley, psychopath headquarter, by his way of talking 🙂 elite mindset is that humans are stupid sheep, as if intellect is all there is.

  21. Алексей Андреев says:

    What a strange king movement when the only one white pawn had left. 😂

  22. Now that's the best trash talk I've ever heard 😂😂

  23. Do remach in blitc chess against alpha with 30 sec on the clock each

  24. Alpha 🦾🦾🦾🦾🦾🦾🦾🦾👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  25. Alha 🥇🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆

  26. "Alpha zero is just my pet" Great trashtalk!

  27. Do all the good you can, ….as long as you can. Done! Now then, where are my rewards?

  28. Ultimately chess is a more complex version of Connect 4 / TICTAC TOE once you master the strategies, traps and opening concept. You will never lose and if your opponent is the same the end result should always be a draw.

  29. Even the rules cannot stop Stockfish continuing the game after all pieces from both sides are gone. Now I've really seen everything!

  30. No one talking about king moves after taking last pawn

  31. Personally i find the game more enjoyable without all the make believe banter from a chess engine. It was ok at first, now theres way too much and it takes away from my concentration. I very much prefer good analysis, stockfish makes quite a few seemingly pointless moves which later on reveal themselves and i wish there was more elaboration. Fwiw i watch these always hoping to learn something yet i find myself quickly distracted by some annoying life lesson from a computer program and from there im half paying attention while i skim other youtube channels

  32. du laberst zu viel, ein seelenloses Rechenmonster , nicht mehr…

  33. 1:59 his plan to open up the king but I dont even know what the hell this is

  34. Hikaru is a narcissist. He has disrespected sir Bobby Fischer's idea. Bobby fischer wanted chess to be a pure talent-game. Now chess is sort of just a memory-game. Fischer didn't like remembering moves, nor remembering computer-moves, nor remembering book-moves.

    Fischer created fischer-random to get rid of all that, but probably there are better games to create to get rid of all that.

  35. Dear Stockfish I have unsubscribed from your channel. I saw a comedian once explain the the very slight difference between genius and madness, and he used Bob Dylan as his example – sings, plays guitar and harmonica- genius. Then you get the guy who goes that bit too far and sticks a pair of cymbals between his knees …….. the music on these videos is just like those cymbals. A step too far. Madness. Pity because I did used to really enjoy your channel. Now I actively dislike it. The music is an unwelcome distraction from your excellent analysis making the overall experience frustrating and irritating. No hard feelings and thank you for all the videos I did enjoy. Best of luck

  36. The truth is: This new alphazrro is the copy of litte new stockfish 16, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA u fool fish

  37. You give abvices for people and u insult them with ur rude words, u r silly stockfish, be polite with people, youtube must block ur channel immediately

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