Stockfish 14 vs [Maximum (3200) Level 25]

Stockfish 14 vs [Maximum (3200) Level 25]
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  1. So, its possible for a person to beat engine lvl 25 after all

  2. Bruh but stockfish 14 almost got scared by mittens

  3. I know I’m extremely late to the party. But man! Excellent work. I’m just now starting to get back into chess. It’s a great game. My dad taught me how to play years ago. And he even had a chance to play the great Bobby Fischer but was unable to as time ran out before my dad had a chance to play him. Anyway! I’ve subscribed to your channel as I’m looking to elevate my game!

  4. Crazy times, it is more real to train a bot that competes sfish rather than trying to beat him by myself

  5. we should make a game like chess but specifically for ai

  6. I'd figure that the one with the higher elo wins

  7. Показалось, или stockfish играл на уровне Хикару Накамуры…

  8. Trauma nto/worakls soundtrack. Lol unexpeted

  9. why did white just gave the bishop for free? Anyone understand?

  10. probably the smoothest chess game I have ever seen

  11. how to do you make Ai vs Ai battle each other

  12. I refuse to believe this is a stockfish game because it misses the opportunity to win the queen at 2:10

  13. I am better then Stockfish 14! It was very easy to win even when I sacrificed my queen in the beginning…

  14. 3200 ELO vs 3750 ELO ofcourse stockfish will win

  15. 1:12 how tf that pawn just killed c3 but it literally moved to c4💀

  16. Bots in shooter games: 🤡
    Bots in fighting games: 😐
    Bots in chess games:

  17. بر پدر این بی پدر)(چستداتکام )( که پدرمو دراورد😂هوراااااو❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  18. They can calculate, but they can't play. This was a trash game, so many stupid and unnecessary moves.

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