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  1. I can see why this is your favorite puzzle!

  2. Wanna see an even more beautiful puzzle? Solve this: white pieces: kd6 and pawn on c6. black pieces: kf7 and rf5. White to play and win. It’s actually even more beautiful than the puzzle in this video!

  3. Incredible. I would have never thought that a puzzle that started off with the white King and a pawn trying to promote vs a rook with the black King all the way on the other end of the board would end with an underpromotion needed to win.

  4. good puzzle, my friend had this position in an otb tournament, playing black just with the black king on b1 instead of a1, the white player couldn't find the win, my two favourite chess puzzles are the reti king walk with black king on a7, pawn on g6 and bishop on d2 and white king on f8 and pawn on d6

  5. I just reviewed this problem while I was studying endgames yesterday. Cool coincidence and great video!

  6. Great puzzle. Messed with my brain a bit when I paused to solve at the beginning 😆👍🏾

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