Shortest Game of Praggnanandhaa & Magnus Carlsen in World Cup | Finals Game 2

Magnus Carlsen made a very solid draw against Rameshbabu Praggnanandhaa with the White pieces. Pragg did not face any troubles with Black – the players agreed to a draw after 30 moves of play in an equal Bishop ending.

Since the scores are 1-1 after the 2 classical games, we are going into tiebreaks tomorrow! Who do you think has better chances in the tiebreaks?

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. 3:15 Very very wrong move by Pragg that gave magnus chance to remove queen

  2. What happened in last I can't understand anything 😅😅

  3. @4:46 prag could have taken pawn at c2 with bishop, instead of castling…why he dint do it? can anyone explain

  4. Are they completing their classwork in between? They should focus on game.


  5. Congratulations Magnus karsalon for winning the match.

  6. how was it a draw? Can someone please explain? Actually, I don't know much about the rules.

  7. Magnus should only correct the pieces before the game not others until they are rated higher than magnus.pragg being oversmart

  8. Pragg could have won the game…That was magnus pointing out in the End…

  9. My 5 year old plays better than this…… what a waste of tym and energy

  10. Why they draw every fockin tim!
    They r noob i think

  11. Pragg
    d1 x c6 (Q x P) correct move కాదు
    c3 x d2 check ఈ move వేసివుంటే

    Carlsson compulsory move c1 x d2 or d1 x d2

    ఆతర్వాత d1 x c6 (Q x P) ఆడాల్సింది
    Ext pan వచ్చేది.
    తర్వాత game అంత మీకు చాలా అనుకువుగా ఉండేది.

  12. Magnua is almost double the age of Praggnanandhaa. Praggnanandhaa is legendary

  13. How the game stops when there are many pieces available? Can anyone explain how they stop game in the middle .?

  14. It is wonderful,and have a suggestion why one younger brain should part of the games like this😢

  15. Samjh me toh ghanta kuch nhi aya pr cool dikhne ke liye dekhna padha

  16. Anyone tell me why match ended at draw?? they could complete it

  17. Prag is the chess syco😅 he killed all pieces

  18. Bharat ke khel mein bharat ke bache ko hi harane ki kosis kar raha tha🙏❤️🤧😅

  19. I like Carlsen discussing after the game. Very modest genius.

  20. കാൾസൺ ബായ് നാണം ഇല്ലേ

  21. Kabhi samajh nahi aaya likhte kya hai 😅🤣

  22. Any one chess expert please tell am i right or not Pragg in that First check could he move the Queen to near king is it safe move is Right please and tell me

  23. Wow I didn’t know chess was soo fascinating to watch. Anyone know what they are writing down ?

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