Shogi (Japanese Chess) – “International” Pieces for Western Players or Beginners –

An excellently designed Shog (Japanese Chess) set, to make the game easily accessible to international chess players. High quality pieces designed for immediate recognition take the foreign feel and language challenge out of the game, allowing players to immediately enjoy the complexities and subtleties of the game.


  1. I have found the shogi board on your website. But I dont see any images for the international pieces. Are they included if I buy the shogi game ?

  2. Finally…..I had to make my own and its nowhere as nice as this in the video!

  3. Ryuou means "Dragon King", not "Flying Dragon".

  4. Thanks, I don't know why I got confused about this. According to the information I have you're right: the promoted rook is a dragon king. It looks like I was also mistaken about the promoted bishop. Apparently, that's a dragon horse. Thanks for the help on this!

  5. Ryuma means "Dragon Horse", not "Flying Horse".

  6. see comment below. Sorry — Dragon horse!

  7. These sets are now in stock at (scroll down to "Shogi Chess of Japan", 2nd row on the right….

  8. You should put a link to the site in the discription

  9. Please tell me if i can still get one of these

  10. nice idea. ive never ever seen the shogi pieces here in japan. did u really make them?

  11. Do you have International pieces for Chinese Chess?

  12. There are sets that have the directions of where to move etc the set in this video is expensive and hard to get

  13. For me it is confusing to learn the concept of this western version of shogi.
    What some shogi makers can do is to add indication for the movements of each piece so this becomes easier to learn(shogi pieces have more available movements compared to western chess

    For example, this Dragon Ball Super Shogi set is attractive since there is an image of each character from the anime while it contains the kanji plus the indication of the movements.
    I love to play shogi and hope to buy a board one day 🙂

  14. I hate these new pieces, jeopardizes the traditional feeling of playing Shogi.

  15. this shows how we western people suck. I mean it took half a day to learn 8 fucking kanjis. Just learn the, this set is an insult to the game of Shogi

  16. All these 'Westernised'/'International' (I prefer to call them 'Bastardised' Shogi pieces are a complete waste of time! Remember, the folks who promote these joke pieces are proceeding on the assumption that you are incapable of learning a few 'strange' characters, or lack the motivation to do so. Pretty patronising/insulting eh?

    However, if you are a 'nervous new player', it's quite reasonable that you should be a little wary of these strange characters, You can get real help learning these strange characters by investing in what I call a 'hybrid' set. The pieces have the kanji on them, plus a graphic showing the move.

    You can get such sets from The Czech Shogi association (, or from Kumon, via Amazon (

    Remember, if you use one of these joke sets, you are cutting yourself off from any meaningful Shogi literature, almost all of which uses diagrams with traditional kanji.

  17. It's an old video but do you still sell these?

  18. Where did you get the pieces from?

  19. I can’t find this set can you share link

  20. I can't speak japanese and i cant read characters but it took me less than 5 min to memorize all the characters. I would also say that its better to call the pieces by the actual meaning of the characters. Its easier to understand and more fun to play.
    Jade General (Black King)
    Royal General (White King)
    Flying Chariot (Rook)
    Angle Mover (Bishop)
    Gold General
    Silver General
    Laurelled Horse (Knight)
    Incense Chariot (Lance)
    Foot Soldier (Pawn)
    Dragon King (Promoted Rook)
    Dragon Horse (Promoted Bishop)
    Gold General (Promoted Silver)
    Gold Laurel (Promoted Knight)
    Gold Incense (Promoted Lance)
    Gold Soldier (Promoted Pawn)

  21. God the rules to this game seem unnecessarily convoluted

  22. On one shogi app and in the english port of Yakuza 0, it had the first english letter of the piece in both black and red to represent each piece, and I found this, personally, to be the least confusing way to learn how the game works coming from chess. For example, with this set, I can already see myself getting a Lance and Pawn confused, especially when the game goes as crazy as it usually does and promotions with their little hats happen. I know that they're different sizes but it will still confuse me. I can see the benefit in this as an international standard, but I think original Japanese was on to something when representing the pieces with kanji charchters, as it is ultimately more readable and appealing when used this way, and i really wish PiyoShogi and lishogi had this options.

    That being said, thank you for showing this off, as if helps me understand this format better, and helps me use those last two apps I mentioned as they include this piece set.

  23. Looks ideal for an American learner like me.

  24. The real problem is that you're looking at the symbols upside for your opponent's pieces.
    Even in english I have trouble reading upside down. Really awkward. They should replace the symbols with easy to distinguish icons no matter if they're upside down or not.

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