Shogi Basics for Chess Players

If you’re a fan of crazyhouse chess, you’ll really love shogi. The OG chess game for dropping pieces and terrorizing your opponents can now be played at! It has a similar interface to, and is super easy to navigate and find similar level opponents to test your chess calculation skills in a new setting!

(Although, it’s still in its “beta” stage of development, and sometimes it can be hard to find an opponent. If you’re dying to play, feel free to check out 81dojo to find an opponent for sure!)

Hope you guys will enjoy playing shogi as much as I have these past few days!

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  1. So yeah its similar but the graphics in chess i much prefer a 3d game

  2. since silver promotes to gold it would be logical to say silver is weaker than gold

  3. Oh I should probably mention – when deciding a time control to play on lishogi, I'd recommend 10 | 30 . Be warned that 10 | 30 is different to 10+30 in shogi, the difference being that | 30 means 30 seconds for every move once your time runs out. As a chess player, I think this is a good time control as you have more time to think on opening/middlegame, and then 30 seconds is enough to calculate the tactics in the endgame! Hope that helps!!

  4. Definitely looking forward to more chess players to try playing Shogi, you guys get so strong when you have learnt the mechanics and some Shogi theory 🙂 If anyone wants to learn more about Shogi, you can find me (username: jienjien) on Lishogi. Cheers!

  5. Is Michael just substituting bullet chess for shogi now

  6. With shogi I feel every game is like an opposite castling situation in chess. Fun and ultra-aggressive.

  7. Fantastic video! Let me know if you ever want to play Shogi sometime😊

  8. Hi, it's nice to see some shogi 😀 i am curious how much you improved since you made this video.
    I believe as shogi is japanese chess, eery western chess player should enjoy to play shogi as well.
    Chess players don't begin from scratch when they start shogi, and catch up their chess level in shogi very quickly if they have enough interest in it 😀
    and by the way, totally of the topic, but sente and gote have slightly different meaning in go game, it doesn't refer to any colour, but only to the one who has curently the initiative.
    Have fun and enjoy evry chess variant 😀

  9. I'm playing Yakuza. I am pretty sure I get the rules now. But I had no idea how much my brain leant on the shape of the pieces to alert me to threats. The fact that all the pieces look more or less the same to me makes it so much harder to keep aware of threats

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