Shatranj Ke Khilari {HD} Satyajit Ray – Sanjeev Kumar – Shabana Azmi Hindi Film (With Eng Subtitles)

Shatranj Ke Khilari is based on Munshi Premchands short story. It showcases the life of people in India in the 19th century. It places emphasis on Indian rebellion of 1857. It focuses on events surrounding the British annexation of the Indian State of Awadh. The movie also shows the politics around the colonial expansion by the British East India Company. Wazed Ali Shah played by Amjad Khan is the ruler of one of the last independent kingdoms of India.

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  1. Muft ki jAmin ka maja le rahein hai janab… Hari, Hari….

  2. Ayodhya.. History and ethics repeats itself…

  3. En angrejo ko eski keemat bhut jald chukana padegi vakat aa raha hai toofan aa raha hai jo sb brbad kr dega pure Europe ko

  4. wht is this..thts not how the original story of Premchand the end both if them shot each other..Bullywood always destroys the authenticity of original

  5. What a film. A Ray classic. Never tire of watching it again & again & again. So subtly have the contradictions & confrontation between two civilisations been brought out, along with a portrait of the feudal class.

  6. Sadly tragically and unfortunately they lost everything to the British in the most pathetic way by doing useless worthless stupid things waste of time etc can be done by any human race although God the Almighty one made them the bill gates the American president and the king of England of there time/ century and they gained not much but lose everything

  7. Masterpiece..wat a bangali vision..salute ray saab..Sanjeev saab

  8. 1000 years of Islamic rule gave nothing to India. British had atleast improved the standard of living of fellow Indians.
    ISLAM is surely a disease

  9. Truely a masterpiece by Satyajit ray & superbly done by the rest of the cast,sheer brilliance of the cinema.

  10. Kon -2 vikashdivyakirti sir ke bolne pr dekhne aaya h??

  11. 2022 मे कोन कोन देख रहा है 😇

  12. Language of saeed jaffrey in fluent urdu.

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