Semi Pro Chess Players Smurfs in the Clubhouse (Clubhouse Games)

This came from my stream on March 4th, 2021! Catch me live every day but Saturday here:

Twitch Rivals whet my appetite, but now I’m ready for a heavy meal. It’s time to go back to Clubhouse games and feast on the pogs of…whoever happens to still be playing Clubhouse Games.


  1. 50% gamer 50% forehead 100% concentrated power of will

  2. I'd actually like to see a Northernlion Botez hand and brain vs Dan and Anna Cramling. Bullet plus a few other time limits. Not trying to troll, just think it would be really funny.

  3. Being able to see them pick up pieces frustrated adds so much to the game. They should make a real life version of this

  4. If Nanz is a 1400 then I'm a fuckin 2000

  5. I love how chat was all "what if they're cheating?" and at the exact moment the opponent missed winning your knight with pawn to e5

  6. "It's been a bad couple of weeks for stocks"

    Not for the memestonks of r/wallstreetbets it hasn't. Gamestop to the moon 🚀

  7. 15:43
    Chat: "Ever considered the Ligma Gambit?"
    NL (with a straight face): "I've thought about it in the past, I'm not sure I can deal with the Bofa effect."
    These conversations must be preserved!

  8. Thank you very much for saying that the vacuum was not tinnitus, in the process reminding me of the existence of my tinnitus.

  9. NL puts semi-pro player in the title and then misses a forced mate in 3

  10. 6:54 Ryan referring to people and now his cats as his "good friend" is probably my favourite trait about him

  11. Would love to see you mix in some Dutch defense against d4.

  12. technically you're an actual pro. You earn money for playing chess.

  13. Lol NL mocking me for buying gme, saying "buy an index, I'm a real investor kid". Well who's laughing now NL 😆 I'm up $300

    "Oh no my boomer financial advice didn't pay off" – nl

    Nothing personnel kid

  14. 'semi pro' * doesn't know the squares*

  15. That first mathgeek game, I was so hoping he would play the variation from "The Queen's gambit" and play Queen to b3 XD

  16. 13:48 he plays on in a completly losing position for like 20 moves and then just stops this close to a stalemate???
    Just Rf2, d1 queen and then play Rd2 or Rf1. If he takes its stalemate. And i think it was a good chance there since Northerlion wasnt really focused right there and also missed an easy fork a move before that.
    Dont understand such things, really.

  17. 13:18 Qc8+ was funnier to play
    i am kinda shocked that i've spotted this move instantly, good for me

  18. “Semi-pro” is he referring to himself? Isn’t my man like 1500 rated? Semi pro my ass… idk how this guy is even 1500 he missed like 10 instant wins in that first game alone…

  19. AHHH 13:20 Northenlion has a great skewer on the king and rook! Qc8 would be a free rook.

  20. You missed a free rook at 13:21 when if you went queen c8 you skewer the rook but you chose to take the pawn. Im editing this since you also missed qg5 at 13:38 to fork rook and king.

  21. Yo, your sudden laughs kinda freak me out… do you take Xanax or pills, ma dude?

  22. I'm 1700 elo on chesscom. But i cant see anything on this 3d board.. its so confusing

  23. With all due respect, this level of play is not yet "semi pro". A "semi pro" would not confuse f6 for c6, and certainly would not be playing Nc6 before c5 in such a queens pawn position.

  24. 11:30 i get very tilted when y see he didn't play Rb8 with that move you just make a queen, the oponent can't play Ka1 cuz is mate in 1 with Rb1# so he has to go to c1 or c2 and that allows you to make a queen

  25. this is the first time NL has said the vacuum was on and I actually heard it

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