SCP-1875 Antique Chess Computer (SCP Animation)

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Dr Bob brings you SCP Foundation Euclid Class object, SCP-1875 Antique Chess Computer Animation.

SCP 1875 is a Victorian-era chess automaton consisting of a steel chessboard table, a complete set of 32 chess pieces, a stationary steam engine, and a suit of 18th-century Samurai armor. The SCP1875 table contains a sophisticated mechanical and biological system that controls a matrix of 64 electromagnets using an analytical engine composed of the combined brain tissue of the twin daughters of a Russian chess prodigy.

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This video, being derived from written by TheMadStork, is released under Creative Commons Sharealike 3.0.

Narrated by Joe Cliff Thompson
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  1. Can’t they just destroy it??? Sorry first time scp watcher. But realistically it’s only a box. Can’t they cut away the box and remove/destroy the Brains

  2. 6:28
    Dr Bob: […] "which would be the equivalent of someone who knew how to move the pieces correctly, but otherwise was laughably bad."
    Me, a 700 rated player: Dude, uncool.

  3. It’s not been redacted lmao. 😂 look up “Scp 1875” guarantee you’ll instantly see the disturbing photo. No memetic mind bullshit, just disturbing.

  4. Shouldn’t it be safe class, cuz you need to set the difficulty and actually make a move to even start? It’s only a danger if you would like.

  5. What if Magnus Carlsen, Hikaru, Levy, and Stockfish (all very good chess players) Play against him? Like theyve all got good elo because their grandmasters.

  6. this SCP is so dangerous that it's the only one affected Dr.bob

  7. Man, this is the textbook definition of I HAVE NO MOUTH AND I MUST SCREAM… Those poor twins.

  8. I’m that guy who “knows how to move the pieces but is laughably bad” 😭

  9. Me hanging my queen when its on its lowest difficulty:

  10. 0:53 Ah, my favorite chess move, skipping my opponents turn.

  11. Mittens : Hold my snacks and get lose u noob

  12. Only one group could have made this SCP: Marshall Carter in dark limited

  13. sees two enslaved children and continues to enslave them

  14. Does anyone actually realize that this is the only SCP that Dr.Bob couldn’t beat in anyway

  15. Can he beat magnus and kaspurov though

  16. Plot twist: the russian guy was actually kasparov

  17. remember that old kids show < i forgot its name but, talk about an actual brain game

  18. NUMBERJACKS was it/ i cant remember its very nostalgic

  19. I like these videos better than the other ones way eaier to understand

  20. That chess software is a real chess app when you showed the screen

  21. I have an idea on how to test SCP-1875 on the 5th setting without damaging the chess pieces: just buy a bunch of mattresses, put them on the floor of the testing chamber and voila, the pieces are safe from damage.

  22. and what was that waxmatbl.exe will you type it from me i want to search it in google see what is it

  23. Hello dr.bob I was wondering what you would think if 1875 the antique chess computer would do against an oni who could do what the chess computer can do

  24. Just tell us the last thing that happens after seeing the photo

  25. Man i love revisiting these videos!! Dr Bob your amazing!

  26. I would love to see Magnus Carlson against 1875 if it was real

  27. Damn, this machine is amazing how to work checkmate

  28. I came here from mibu phase 27.5

  29. "View these attached Photos and often feel anxiety" Relatable😢

  30. Sets the stage: Russia. Describes the character in set stage: Russian Man. That was about as jarring and needless as setting the stage in Nebraska and clarifying that man driving the car is, indeed, American.

  31. The e-mail thingy was so unnecessarily edgy and kinda ruined an otherwise incredible SCP

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