Retiree SMASHES Pro Chess Player | Hikaru vs Grischuk FIDE Grand Prix 2022

Full game analysis here from the recently retired Grandmaster, Hikaru Nakamura, who seems to be holding his own at the Fide Grand Prix 2022. Hikaru currently holds pole position in group A with his win over Alexander Grischuk.















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  1. you played grand prix attack on the grand prix? nice one.

  2. I wish the best for the next game and thanks a lot for you videos. Greetings from Berlin 😉

  3. Amazing. I also respect that Hikaru is commenting just his big/exciting games, and not every single game right after it's done. There's a clear and very challenging balance to be struck here, between chess priorities (prep, rest) and content priorities (producing these recaps, playing titled Tuesday etc). This seems like a very reasonable balance to strike.

    Also great to see Hikaru getting more comfortable with this format over time. All of these have been phenomenally educational – but seems Hikaru is getting a bit more relaxed and having fun with it more too also, which is nice to see. Especially when discussing a win like this – which warrants so much celebration.

  4. Oh Man Hikaru you are really the best. Love your Videos. Love you Analysis. Keep Up the good Work. Your Analysis in abbusy day Shows your commitment towards your viewers. This is why we all Love you. I do pray from god that you win this Tournament. Hope also that i can meet you some time in Person 🙏🙏🙏. All the best dude.

  5. I wonder how one studies only the day before exam & tops in it.

  6. For a Moment i thought he's Gonna Play Dying Light 2 😅

  7. Simon Williams is a GM. He earned that title. Please show some respect. Being “better” than someone doesn’t mean you should disrespect them.
    Have a great day

  8. Sasha has had a real problem with time control lately…

  9. I'm not sure I understand or like where chess is going. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but instead of chess being a measure of intelligence, strategy and creativity as it once was, discovering with your own ideas and strategies, what to try and how to play best. Now, it seems all people do is memorize computer moves and then proceed to winning based on who has the best memories based on someone else's best moves or a computer's idea. It goes from being a measure of strategy and intelligence to a measure of memory. Even in the middle game or close to end game where it might finally be up to your own ideas, the previous computer moves you memorized might then be enough to have such an advantageous lead, it'd be hard to screw it up

  10. ConveyThis - Your Website in Multiple Languages. says:

    So, it took you like 60 moves to smash a retiree? Doesn't seem like a smash to me, lol

  11. These explanations are another level.. fking incredible depth and relevance

  12. Instead of Rook to B6 what should have GM Grischuk have done in your opinion?

  13. Thanks for sharing your preparation. Reason I'm happy you became a streamer.

  14. Thank you hikaru and congrats. Your channel made me love chess

  15. Well done 👍 Hikaru!! Great video. Thanks a lot. All the best for your next games!

  16. This is probably one of the best video from this first leg. But… don't get it, is Hikaru retired? Has he announced it?

  17. "I don't want to bore you analyzing all the variations", then he spends two hours (exaggerating) giving us the ending alternatives….boring.

  18. Doing all this on-line streaming doesn't seem to had any negative effect on Hikaru's game at all.

  19. Hikaru is spanking everyone in this tournament after being retired for 2 years lol

  20. Can you please do " a pro "nearly" smashes a retiree" from today's match?

  21. As much as he keeps saying, "it's not me the engine is the real genius" … to be able to prepare this deeply in one day is insanity. What a pro.

  22. Wishing you the best @HikaruNakamura!

    Just one question, I hope you’ll answer, that befuddles me: why do you call the queen “Pokey”? I’m fairly new to chess, so maybe it’s just a term I’m unaware of.

    I’ve watched a few of your videos, and heard you refer to high-end pieces as “juicers”. I’m aware of that. It’s just a first, hearing you call the queen a pokey.

  23. The title should just be Stockfish smashes Grischuk while Hikaru watches. Amazing prep by Hikaru though, he played him like a fiddle.

  24. thanks for the vid it was rushed but you made it where it didt feel so rushed very good at explaining your train of thought LOVED THIS GAME

  25. 7:54 Gawain Jones suggests … b6 here instead of Qc7 in his KID course 🙂

  26. I like Hikaru but that title shows me he needs a lesson in humility.

  27. Pls change the title to HOT NEWS: Chess Youtuber Beat PRO Chess Grand Master

  28. You've still got it Hikaru! Don't hang up your classical hat pls.

  29. Hikaru is very different when he's analyzing vs. playing (not surprising, considering how stressful playing chess can be!)

    He's more laid-back, smiles more, jokes around, and seems like he's having more fun.

  30. "Priorities." I wonder if Hikaru was sending a message to @GothamChess: look what a difference it can make when you make competition your top priority for a while.

  31. "So by this point of the game I blitzed every moved and used no time at all while my opponent used an hour "
    Damn, hikaru really just outpreped his opponent on every dimension

  32. When did you announce your retirement? Must have missed it.

  33. I'm confused. How can one be retired AND play a high level tournament. Then clearly you are not retired.

  34. Hikaru is simply a force to be reckoned with in any time control , i rather watch Naka losing a game than Giri or Karjakin wining one , his games have a stamp of their own and are always entertaining and the fact that Naka himself is commenting on them makes it even better, Naka 👉🎯

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