Red Bull sponsors this guy to play chess

Hikaru Nakamura is the only chess player in the world sponsored by Red Bull. CNNMoney’s Vanessa Yurkevich plays the chess grandmaster and finds out why.


  1. should've changed the title by now but it's CNN.

  2. Well, I only drink Red Bull because they sponsor a chess player.

    Don't worry about Red Bull, they're doing fine off this.

  3. At what time did u know u were going to win?

    When i saw your bristols

  4. "This guy." What a disrespectful way to refer to GM Hikaru.

  5. Who's here after Hikaru played the Double Bongcloud against Magnus?


  7. "I was locked in an intense game with a worthy opponent" Acting like she knows how to move the peices

  8. "This guy", that's depressing. they can't call him by his real name?

  9. Tbh it is really a derogatory way to mention one of the best chess player today.
    Be a little respectful

  10. This drink regretted no longer sponsoring this guy.

  11. Imagine working your ass off your whole life, being the best at something in your country and being as good as #2 in the world at one point to be called “this guy”.

  12. Magnus carlsen is still no1 player lol past 10 years in all international formats..❤

  13. “This guy” is pretty good.
    That like calling Aaron Rodgers “This guy” or Kevin Durant.

  14. Host—So when do you think that you are gonna Win?

    Hikaru–Before you were born.

  15. "This guy" ???? wt .. this whole approach of the journalist comes off to me as ignorant and moronic.

  16. Please invite Magnus for an interview..and help put chess on the global map

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