Quiz Time with World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen, Anish Giri & JK Duda!

World Chess Champions Magnus Carlsen, Dutch no. 1 Anish Giri and Polish no. 1 Jan-Krzysztof Duda tackle quiz questions posed by English GM David Howell. Watch the players in action in the Meltwater Champions Chess Tour Finals:

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  1. Magnus reminds me of Travolta in "Phenomenon".  
    You gotta be specific Bob.

  2. Yeah, magnus is bad at all of this chess stuff.

  3. 2:33 This dude is so cool! I mean Magnus… but the other guy on the right side is the opposite….🧒🚸

  4. that shortcuts in the end made my day so far XD

  5. I felt so ashamed of myself after watching this.

  6. Well… Anish has that look of an honor student. So well deserved victory 😂😂

  7. magnus put all of his skill points in being a god chess player, and nothing else.

  8. Magnus "my answer wasn't wrong, the question was wrong" Carlsen

  9. You can actually put 64 knights on the board if they are all the same color, so capturing will not be possible

  10. Thats the only tournament anish ever won 😅

  11. For Cultured people, Magnus Carlsen is te equivalent of Rancho

  12. why im not surprised that Anish it was gonna be the typical annoying nerd kid who knows it all

  13. Duda tenia las respuestas correctas, pero se quedó dudando…

  14. Chess stuff I m terrible what a joke by legend himself 😂

  15. I’m surprised Giri didn’t take the draw

  16. even when asking a simple question Magnus is difficult to deal with.

  17. This is what Chat GPT had to say about the oldest currency:

    "The oldest known currency in the world is believed to be the Mesopotamian shekel, which dates back to around 3000 BCE. The shekel was a unit of weight used to measure precious metals, particularly silver. It originated in ancient Mesopotamia, an area that roughly corresponds to present-day Iraq and Kuwait. The shekel eventually evolved into a standardized form of currency, with specific weights and measures, and was used in various civilizations throughout the region.

    It's worth noting that there were earlier forms of trade and barter systems that predate the use of standardized currency. These systems involved the exchange of goods and services directly without the use of a specific medium of exchange. However, the Mesopotamian shekel is considered the earliest known form of currency that served as a standardized medium of exchange."

    But I had heard it was a chinese currency maybe IDK.

  18. Thos gms are much more fun than the ones we have in2023

  19. There are 3 answers to the knights question.
    1 – colorless: 32
    2 – same number of each color: 48
    3 – only 1 color: 64

  20. I feel like the currency question deserved far more debate than some of the others. There are so many options depending on your definition. I would have gone for cowrie shells.

  21. magnus was ahead in calculation but he just didnt understood the question properly.

  22. Carlsen who answers to the "champion without beating the previous one" question 1 year before making Ding Liren added to that list is even more hilarious

  23. Great video, great guys, great comments here, too 🙂

  24. Legends only execute in battle field@Im_Magnusss

  25. Magnus is trying to keep all the attention on himself, it's weak and boring. He wants to be on the center even if he is wrong. I admire his chess, but Duda and Giri seem to be much more amicable and friendly than him.

  26. Ironic how one would generally think chess players are boring but are quite the opposite 😂😂😂😂

  27. I think Number of knights that can be placed in the chess board without being killed with other knights is 24 and not 32 who support me answer ✋

  28. There is no relation between mathematics and chess that's not a matter magnus carlsen cannot answer those questions but he is the best player in the world and thats the main point .who also support magnus carlsen like me.

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