Queen’s Gambit Scene: The Final Chess Game – Last Episode

Queen’s Gambit Scene: The Final Chess Game – Last Episode

The Queen’s Gambit is a 2020 American miniseries based on Walter Tevis’s 1983 novel of the same name. The title refers to “Queen’s Gambit”, a chess opening.

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Netflix released The Queen’s Gambit on October 23, 2020. After four weeks it had become Netflix’s most-watched scripted miniseries. It was acclaimed by critics, who lauded Taylor-Joy’s performance as well as the cinematography and production values. It has also received a positive response from the chess community, and data suggests that it has increased public interest in the game.

It was written and directed by Scott Frank, who created it with Allan Scott. Beginning in the mid-1950s and proceeding into the 1960s, the story follows the life of Beth Harmon (Anya Taylor-Joy), an orphaned chess prodigy on her rise to the top of the chess world while struggling with drug and alcohol dependency.

The series won two Golden Globe Awards: Best Limited Series or Television Film and Best Actress – Miniseries or Television Film for Taylor-Joy. She also won the Critics’ Choice Television Award for Best Actress in a Movie/Miniseries and the Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Miniseries or Television Movie.

Source: Netflix


  1. I love that how these guys press that clock button so kind but in modern chess they press that so hard like a punching machine

  2. most unreal scene ever women(lower iq animal) cant beat man in chess

  3. Imagine, if magnus was on this film and his carachter in this series is drunk

  4. It's a very very nice girl heu…. chess board

  5. Loved this show but can't believe people actually sit and watch chess like that 😭

  6. Don’t scroll through the comments there are spoilers 😂

  7. they didnt even write anything on the paper, but still nice series

  8. Lets agree this movie its just good fairytale, because best chess school in the world is a Soviet.

  9. What kind of movie or animation is this???

  10. mabaysay nga pelikula, nag promote pa gud an pawn sin queen.

  11. I came here after watching kotte animation

  12. i'm a casual player of chess, and my mom don't know anything about chess, but she saw this serie and everytime i talk about chess, she starts to say "hey son, did you know that to win a game of chess you need to intimidate the enemy?!"
    and i go like "no mom, unless my oponnent is an baby he won't get intimidate, and even if i intimidate that won't change anything"
    and she goes "noo!! it works!! i saw in the queen's gambit!!! the oponnent will be intimidated!"
    and me "and then what? he'll start to cry and leave the competition???"
    and then she start to say a lot of things tryin' to convince me and i have to hear it, queen's gambit brought me headache p-p

  13. When I watched this I honestly thought it was a dream sequence. It seems too perfect and wholesome compared to the rest of her journey.

  14. I loved it when she looked up at the ceiling to visualize her genius chess brain and everyone else was looking up thinking WTH is she doing. You knew when she accessed the ceiling chess board that she would win! When he offered a draw you knew that she had already seen the end of the game! You know that Borgov also knew and appreciated that she was the best chess player he would ever play!

  15. I never really thought Taylor-Joy was very pretty until I watched this show. She was gorgeous here.

  16. Eventually the invincible, fearless, omnipotent female character that "destroys stereotypes" will become a stereotype. Rings of Power, Queen's Gambit, 1883, yadda yadda yadda . . . We get it. Marcia was a better driver than Greg, etc. We've been getting it for 50 years.

  17. To the editor of this upload: we don't all have ADD, there were entirely too many unnecessary cuts and you ruined the flow of the scene.

  18. I did not have time to read all 1200+ comments but from the beginning to 59 sec's Beth is in a Black dress at 60 seconds there is another of many jump cuts and she is wearing a gray dress. I don't remember if this was done over several days or hours. …….?

  19. It was weird how she shot him in the chest.

  20. Wow. What amazes me the most- That they actualy used original looking ussr chess pieces. 95percent of chess pieces looked exactly the same across ussr

  21. Thanks to the FF gods, this 4+ minute video only lasted 30 seconds.

  22. WoW.. just jumping in and learning about the greatest chess player of all time and watch it on HBO mas.

  23. I don't understand why people upload stuff but hack them about. Why?

  24. I love how Anya Taylor-Joy performs the last move of the game.. her eyes go anxiously back and forth, as if she is afraid that she has overlooked something and is almost scared to move the king to his new place. Like she can’t believe what she is doing. The music is ending, and the ticking of the clock adds to the tension.
    Perfect acting!

  25. You all played against me and all lost go f… yourself now

  26. So how did she change clothes in the middle?

  27. еще один выблюдень западного феминизма

  28. Would have liked to have seen a snapshot of the moves they had written down to actually see the whole game. Wonder if they were using algebraic or descriptive notations.

  29. Боргов был горд за неё

  30. At 0:59, how quickly did she change her clothes no? One moment she is wearing a black dress, and the other she is wearing a grey one probably of a different maaterial. Did they mean to how that during the game the players got up from their chairs and had so much time on the clock that they could go have a change of Wardrobe? or What this production slip?

  31. Obviously Beth had Stockfish in the ceiling, just like it was showed in this scene. Just like Hikaru

  32. The music makes me feel like I'm playing Final Fantasy…

  33. Wow. Did they steal everything from Searching for Bobby Fischer?

  34. This scene where Beth looks up to analyze the game is kinda like hikaru looking up when he's analyzing as well

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