Push Only Pawns And Win A Chess Game

In this historic chess game Emil Joseph Diemer played as white and he broke every single chess opening principle. He completely abandoned development of his pieces and just pushed pawns until the18th move.
He still managed to win this chess game by suffocating black’s position. This game is one of the reasons why we love chess.

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  1. In this case if my opponent plays a push game, I usually sacrifice my king knight to annihilate 3 pawns

  2. I love your name. Castle queen side. For people who don't know that means I woke up and choose violence lol

  3. Deimer was in a mental assylum at the time this game was played

  4. I did a Google search for the simple phrase "pushing pawns" and this video came up as the first result. THAT'S what you call an immortal game

  5. Wow! Pretty good by white. I think if black would've stuck with his defense he might of lost some pieces right off but in the long run he'd of won.

  6. That's one of the most insane games I've seen using pawns…

    Talk about someone with big balls… 🎱🎱 … ⚖

  7. Hey, i am a begginer, my questions always come rescpectfully and from a place of curiosity, so i am not trying to insult anyone or pretending to know more than i know. I honestly want to know the reason why Black didn't take the pawn on a4 at 3:33. It seems like a good move for someone unexperienced like me. If b5xa4 it is basically a free pawn, right? To gain that pawn back, White only has 3 options, pushing the pawn to b3, which would end up in a trade and Black would still be up a pawn, or take the pawn with the queen or the rook, but that would only end up in a trade of a pawn and a knight for a rook or a queen, in either case black would be up material, by 2 or 5.

  8. Crazy play. Once white starts to move something different to a pawn, black is always under threat.

  9. Plot twist- Diemer didn't know how the other pieces moved.

  10. Great. I heard a theory about pushing pawns, but never seen a game where it was done.

  11. this only works against beginners. castle to safety. when fully trapped, sacrifice a piece to break through and his king will be in deep shit. i like to play against these type of players tho, it’s always fun destroying them.

  12. I Never knew you could Castleside King. How does that work??

  13. I liked it a very unusual game thx for posting

  14. Some sonuvabitch did this to me one day! I was like wtf??? But I won. He must've seen this vid and just started using it lol. Very weird.

  15. Does that mean Emil can claim to be one of the earliest pawn stars?

  16. 8:07 there is nice king and rook fork for black here Bh4 & Kd3. Computer is dumb.

  17. Before seeing this. I've been playing with "all pawn" openings…. its funny. Most people get confused. Yea there's a lot of exchanges but somehow… ice pulled off some dumb games

  18. Really funny video. But lots of errors from black side. It won’t work against experienced players. Anyway, thank you for sharing this. Really interesting and funny match.

  19. Is it weird that I think that a pawn only game fits the look of Emil Diemer? He looks like an ancient chess master who lives in the mountains who is approached by an ambitious young chess prodigy and is like "Son, you are not ready yet." and beats him with only pawns.

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