Praggnanandhaa is Hilarious! | GCL Press Conference

The first official press conference happened in the mid-way of the Global Chess League. One player from each team was present and answered some interesting questions.

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Add me in the group because I am the second comment

  2. ok, so you want us to watch entire video to watch that one specific sentence said by Prag… seriously chasebase?…

  3. Timestamp of thumbnail anyone please? 🧐

  4. Audio is really bad for such a global tournament

  5. Wow, very good audio quality, i surely understood everything they said 🤗

  6. Хоть я не умею разговаривать на английском,но всё понимаю,есть ещё такие?)

  7. Just press thumb down button for sharing such a poor audio quality (even with headset). I did my part.

  8. Nice! Good to have a diverse 6 players other than the two legends anand and magnus and they are of each category for the press conference. Hope they do another one with other players such as norbidek, weiyi, dubov, krush etc..

  9. please interview all the foreign players if possible, i would like to know their view on the new format that gcl brings

  10. Ok. This definitely was a bit better and funnier than usual chess press conferences.

  11. Chessbase stop this cringe eyeball dp and title , You are above it.

  12. King Nihal just made up the best advice ever and said i dont know lol

  13. Do you guys ever look at the video before uploading? At least make sure the audio is good or otherwise caption the video. This is quite inaudible.

  14. One suggestion 15:47 for next season , we should also hace prodigy female bench

  15. You should ask more questions to foreign players. It feels like partiality.

  16. I like Nepo's suggestion on removing the toss and giving alternative black and white.

  17. Marketing is where they should focus more.

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