Pragg the braveheart | Insane 4…f5!?!? vs Vidit Gujrathi vlog

In the 3rd round of the FIDE Candidates 2024 Praggnanandhaa took on Vidit Gujrathi. Vidit was in peak form as he had beaten Hikaru Nakamura in round 2. Meanwhile Pragg had lost to Gukesh in the previous round. With the momentum being on Vidit’s side, how was Pragg to take him on? Pragg played like a braveheart. Check out in this vlog what happened.

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Pragg op. I always supported pragg more than anyone. He is even the favourite candidate of magnus carlsen I just loved him. ❤❤❤❤

  2. Composed on and off the board, absolutely! Has tried two not such 'objectively best' openings in the last two games, with two extreme results. From the interview, he seems to believe that's the way to go in an event where everyone would be thoroughly prepared in the main lines and where men are incongruously believed to not need a time increment. Whether it's a big factor in an absolute sense is hard to fathom, but it likely plays in the mind of the players (or may be not!) that they are not going to have time added to the clock in case of an eventual time scramble. How this strategy proves, time will tell. He will likely take lesser or even more risks based on the standings as the event progresses. 3500 dollars per half point is about as much as most strong players get to make for coming out best in a gruelling 9 round event, but clearly it's not going to even be a consideration for those entering 'The Great Hall' over the next couple of weeks. Hope we get genuinely good games, ingenious or ingenuous…

  3. If i was there i would also have brought idli or Dose

  4. Pragg should've made a draw with vidit,same with gukesh vs pragg, hikaru win is neutralized now

  5. I am sure that no one looked at that f5 line seriously. That was a very bold and brave choice by Pragg.

  6. All indian clashes😮‍💨.. vidit🙁 pragg🙂

  7. These scenes reminds me of Beth's exit scenes in Queens Gambit series.😍😍

  8. So down to earth : Vidit respectfully appearing for the press conference and Prag being calm and didn’t let the win get to his head,It shows the respect both have towards Nation and Chess

  9. Once in a while still our little Pragg comes back with 'I dont know'😊😊😊😊😊 light colour jacket with burgundy/ wine colored shirt looks amazing and the best PR skills too…..❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣

  10. Let's see in todays match.. What pragg can do.. Hikaru vs pragg.. Hikaru is one of strongest players.. He will fight back shockingly.. Ready for lose pragg?

  11. Gg Pragg 🔥
    Well fought Vidit
    Make a Strong comback
    We're with you 💙

  12. GOAT – Magnus
    Blitz – Nihal
    Rapid – Pragg
    Classical – Gukesh
    FanFav – Vidit
    Legend – Vishy

    ALL-ROUND – Arjun (crossing 2760 mark, congrats to indian #1)

  13. that door security guard is getting featured in every video now . he is famous now . dude also has a cool hairstyle

  14. ¡Vaya, qué gran nivel, tan emocionante de los jugadores Indios!

  15. As an Indian myself, Indian fans not shouting player's names is really very rare……

  16. 1:52 just noting here that both players have also shown respect to FIDE rules by attending press conference. As per FIDE Handbook for Candidates Rule 4.12.5 players are required to make themselves available for post game interviews organised by Press Officer. If they don’t then per rule 4.12.8 they will be fined 10% of prize money for each breach! While players like Naka just skipped and chose to pay fine (essentially disrespecting FIDE rules) Indian players I think will most likely stick to rules and choose not to pay fine unnecessarily. That’s also a very important reason for VD attending the post game interview ig (also goes to show he has read the handbook ;))

  17. I’m not Indian (though I love Indian food) and am wildly cheering on Team Pragg/Svidler. Absolutely loving this swashbuckling style of play! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

  18. That voice "அம்மா எங்க இருக்காங்க."..❤

  19. Win some with black lose some with white

  20. Vidit listening to prag after like what the hell was that 😂😂

  21. the best PRO for pragg is chessbase india,,, i think sagar or amruta likes pragg a lot ,,,,

  22. This tournament is going to get more interesting with players playing to win and not being happy with easy draws!!

  23. grown up men wanting signiture from a 17 years old always baffle me. I will never understand it. what goes through their head? Do they lack self respect? Or are they socially inept to actually think thats cool ? Im a fan of these strong players I love the game and chess characters and personalities played a huge role on my interest in the game but I dont get this behavior. Even with magnus's signiture I would wipe my arse

  24. But felt weird that nobody was shouting like they did for VD, may be he beat Don hikaru that's why it was hype among people but then today a fellow countrymen lost. Kudos to the decent crowd. GG pragg ❤

  25. Why in 3rd & 4th round Pragg play with Black?

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