Positional Chess Rule Every Player Should Know

This epic chess video goes over a positional Chess Rule that Every Player Should Know. Chess players should know this rule because it will help in chess games when you’re stuck for a move. This easy positional chess rule will help you improve your chess play fast and also your results and rating. I hope you enjoy this positional chess video which goes over a rule that every player should know!

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  1. What if I done a pickup as queen but I put the opponents queen suppose I am playing with white and when I done a pickup I put the black queen on bord can I change that queen with white or it will be the opponent one

  2. why not playing g5 to stop the bishop from developing

  3. Love this style of video! Your channel is going to be huge with so many awesome layers. Cheers my friend!

  4. Yes this is great you should mix it up between these kinds of videos and your usual content. I think though to be sure maybe you should poll your audience just to see where they stand with it However personally I love these kinds of videos as they are very helpful.

  5. The way you approach chess is far more illuminating than computer generated recommend moves.

  6. Makes so much sense when the weak piece is pointed out.

  7. Excellent. I love these positional analyses. Take a snapshot of the game. What does each side have going for them? What's the weakness and what is the strength of each player's position? How can they improve the weakness of their position (as you showed here).

    Great content as usual. Keep'em coming.

  8. well done, james, and a welcome break from your firo obsession.

  9. Excellent teaching! Often I will get a bad position and think it's just bad luck 😃

  10. Great lesson. I wish there was a book on improving your worst piece.

  11. Very instructive and important in chess,thanks.

  12. Excellent video, a great learning experience. Best wishes from India.

  13. From the title, I was concerned there wasn’t gonna be an AF shoutout! 🤣 Whew! 👍🏽

  14. The examples seem a bit complicated relative to the advice. A lot of players struggle with this idea by just leaving a rook on a8 for a whole game, or by not playing c5 when their bishop is on b7 in the slav. These examples highlight the ability of top players to manoeuvre their pieces in unintuitive ways just for activity, but for improving the worst piece the examples could be way simpler.

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