Ponziani Opening TRAPS | Chess Tricks to WIN Fast | Brilliant Moves, Tactics, Ideas & Strategy

Ponziani Opening Traps – There are various chess opening tricks, strategies, gambits, moves, tactics and ideas that you can use to win fast. In this chess video, I will show you some secret ponziani variations that you can use to win more games. Most of these traps are for white & there is one line for black as well. This can be fun to try against your friends & opponents who have not seen such traps before. We will cover ponziani countergambit, ponziani steinitz gambit & jaenisch counterattack. This can be very effective against beginner & intermediate level players (almost 80% players fall for these traps). I also have an interesting chess puzzle at the end of this video, let’s see if you can solve that.

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  1. Hit the soldier at f7 with bishop. Then he has to capture it to save his queen then our queen to c8 is a check mate

  2. That's why I never go for the Queen's side opening always letting my king side attacker move first

  3. Queen sacrifice check, the double check rock and bishop then Mate with rock

  4. For the puzzle,

    Bishop to f7, threatening the queen. If black captured the bishop with his queen, then the game is over with the move queen to c8
    But this will only work if ur opponent doesnt trade the queen.

    You can also play Queen to c8, black captures the queen with the king and after that u can play bishop to e6 giving the opponent king a double check which is basically check mate.

  5. 2:55 Hey jeetendra, instead of castling, i think we can give the opponent a check with our queen to g3 and and capturing the knight on e4

  6. This is such a powerful segment. Just one of these solutions is worth watching the entire video for, but there are many of them. Thank you !

  7. 3:51 “He takes the Pawn, and he’s GONE!” – Jitendra Advani

  8. 1.B f7 attack the queen queen takes
    2. Q to c8 it's check mate

  9. Best moves: Queen c8 king takes, bishop e6 king goes to d8, rook c8 checkmate

  10. Sir , please subtitles are obstruction to view chess board white side. So please solve this problem

  11. My opponent always try to attack my queen and trap the queen. So is there any vedio To stop that . please reply quickly

  12. Most of people plays queen in second chance all strategy fail easily 😂😂who agreed with me

  13. Thanks for explaining this opening. I tried playing this in a tournament but i had no clue of this opening and i lost a winning position. Also answer for puzzle is Qc8+ kxc8 Be6+ Kd8 Rc8#

    Edit. Also many in comments are saying moves like ba6 or bf7. Those dont work because black trades queen. You have to make forcing moves like Qc8+ to win

  14. Wow! Thanks a lot Jeetendra! I am a Italien player and this Ponziani Opening suits me perfect! Keep Up the Good Work! 😊👍♟️

  15. And he sac the queeeeeeeen ! king takes double check only king move rook mate.

  16. At 5:16 why would black play Bxf7 and not Nxf7 forking the king and queen?

  17. Solution to puzzle at end of video:
    white plays Qc8+. This is a forcing Queen sac. Only legal response by black is KxQ. White then plays Be6+ with discovered check from his Rook, and BTW it's double check from the light squared B as well. For white Kd8 is forced, then Rc8 for white is checkmate.

  18. I love watching these but I never remember them in game I’m relatively new to chess I just got to level 500. Do you do online lessons at all bro?

  19. 1. Qc8+, K x Q (forced move)
    2. Be6++, Kd8 (only the move)
    3. Rc8#

  20. Puzzle answer is Qc8 Kxc8 Be6 Kd8 Rc8#

  21. g4 to g6 sac your queen by taking the black,s queen if he take with the pawn he is gone white bishop goes to e6 if black move the rook goes to c1 toc8

  22. all I need is to memories this oppenning

  23. First take the f pawn by moving Bishop to f7 also attacking the queen. If the black queen takes Bishop, then Qc8 is checkmate.

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