Playing chess hustlers be like…

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  1. When your opponent blunders it's queen then something bad is about to happen ❤ – Myself with 1500 ELO

  2. Me who see a bishop mate : 👁️👄👁️

  3. Thats the checkmate trap

    Oferring a free quenn

    King: Permission Granted.

    BTW this is an actual gambit

  5. Fun fact. He moved his knight, on the next move, its a fork between the queen and rook protected by the bishop.

  6. Remember this if gm loses his queen thats a sacrifice

  7. His smiles and smirks are always on point

  8. Actually here it does not work because there's a black night on F6

  9. Bro took that idea straight from

  10. If u lose te queen is a blunder, but if a GM loses the queen, is a sacrifice
    -Gotham Chess

  11. That was at this moment that he knew he f*** up

  12. When the opponent sacrifices the queen,you know you're already dead

  13. To be honest queen is worthless i won my almost every game without it

  14. he actully blubder by taking the queen bc Bf6# checkmate

  15. Fried liver attack : I am gonna fry your liver

  16. You can kinda see but u can take bishop w/ knight so W

  17. Who is this YouTuber exactly?
    Been trying to find who he is.

  18. You know you are in trouble when the man changed shirts in 0.009248 nanoseconds

  19. This man isn't f'ed the opponent was cuz there's a mate with Bishop and knight on the board

  20. Once i was playing and i know i left my queen hanging but i just let him take it and he laughed and i said

    A queen sacrifice wasnt for nothing you know

    I checkmate him with my rook in one move because his vishop wasnt guarding it anymore

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