Playing against a cocky chess hustler

Playing against a cocky chess hustler

Made a short meme video about an interesting line that comes from the Fried Liver Attack, which is called the Traxler counterattack. Enjoy the video!

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-Magnus Carlsen
-Hikaru Nakamura
-Alexandra Botez
-Andrea Botez
-Eric Rosen
-Garry Kasparov
-Anish Giri
-Aliza Firouzja
-Daniel Naroditsky
-Robert Hess
-Nemo Zhou
-Anna Cramling
-Ian Nepomniachtchi
-Daniil Dubov

“The beauty of chess is it can be whatever you want it to be. It transcends language, age, race, religion, politics, gender, and socioeconomic background. Whatever your circumstances, anyone can enjoy a good fight to the death over the chess board.”

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  1. Yes, in this position whit can play bishop to f5 to pin the queen to the king while being protected by the rook. Danger levels

  2. for those who didn't get it what he meant by danger levels:
    white's counter move is bishop to F6 pinning black's queen to the king lol.

    well played fam

  3. Hes actually the reason ik how to play chess i stg i watched queen’s gambit and was like oh my this is cool and then jsut watched the 30 min tutorial

  4. pffffft this guy has lost to the "Raja Kipas"

  5. Didn’t think my cringe level could go over 9000

  6. The fact that it's the exact same example Gotham gave us

  7. Proceeds to get a royal fork with a knight and a discovered check at the same time

  8. I was expecting the other guy but this is so much better 😂

  9. What if Worte more than your queen? Its you king

  10. “Are you aware of the concept of danger levels”
    The 9mm in my backpack

  11. Easy rook checkes the king and as much as i could see bishop is unprotected so after rook checkes queen takes yhe bishop

  12. The pictures of players this person posts looks like psycho serial killer😂

  13. I wasn't expecting gothamchess.

    He got me goodnwith this one

  14. "what's wrong? Did i pin your rook to your queen? haha you're dogshit!"
    White plays bishop to f5
    "You were saying?"

  15. The soul Of LEVY ROZMAN has been SUMMONED😏

  16. For people who don't understand the video, there is the move Bf5 which pins the queen to the king, and the concept of danger levels was popularized by levy/gothamchess, who is in the picture

  17. "'danger levels'? Do you think I'm in danger? I am the danger!"

  18. Ey bro Bf5 and queen pin a king and you win rook defend Bishop

  19. He used the strategy of how to win at chess episodes.

  20. Prolly the funniest one I've seen 🤣

  21. This man is the very same man that taught me how to sacrifice my queen 7 times

  22. I wish I could change clothes as fast as this guy

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