Playing a BLINDFOLDED Chess Grandmaster in NYC!

I played Grandmaster Hans Niemann blindfolded, Botez sisters made moves, chess hustler style at New York City’s Washington Square Park.

Video shot and edited by Vitor Fraga: [email protected]

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Shout out to @BotezLive and @HansNiemannChess for the collab.

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  1. seeing levy get wrecked somehow makes me feel gd abt my chess skills

  2. And I thought my posture was bad…

  3. Andrea speaks so loud that even though I muted my phone I can still hear her voice pretty clearly.

  4. Hans can win without even taking a single piece…. levy brave

  5. Hi Gotham dont know if youd want to but as a viewer i would love to see a quick recap of the games just what you were thinking and if you forgot where a piece was or he did

  6. Levy u r awesome😍
    Lets pray for han s back.. Dont know what he is going through..
    Hope u guys support him 🥺
    God bless u all❤

  7. It would have been funny if the Botez sisters play a recording of pieces moving, leaving them alone, meanwhile others take advantage and steal their things 🙂

  8. How are these outdoor videos getting so many views? It's not even top level (2600 +) Chess. I don't get it.

  9. The ratings disclaimer at the beginning LMAO

  10. I really like these live games. Keep doing good work levy!

  11. If you look closely, you will notice they're playing chess

  12. It's official people. IM Levy Rozman does indeed have legs.

  13. “YouTube is a superior.”

    -Levy, during that one episode where Twitch kept making the same joke over and over.

  14. Hans is so fast holy shit. Even the mid section of his back can't keep up…

  15. Nice filming (no moving camera). Interesting content.

  16. Day 2 of translating levy's titles to swedish: ÖGONBINDLAD schack Stormästare Krossar vid Washington Square Park!

  17. I love this IRL chess meta. Play Eric otb at Washington Square Park

  18. Blindfold irl chess is epic! More videos like this one please

  19. One other thing, what happened to the Anand vs Kramnik "no caslting" Masters recaps?

  20. Highest respect for both sides. That was awesome! And whatever you take on next, make it part of your own personal journey as long as you enjoy what you do. That’s what I enjoy most. Thanx for all the content, Levy!

  21. I thought levy is like me has no social experments and stays in home all the time, but it turned out im lonley alone 💔

  22. Last vid I thought how nice it was Alex's back posture, and in this vid we are blessed with Hans

  23. Two beautiful women to be blindfolded. What am I missing?

  24. Im sure you guys, can find something much nicer to do, than play chess with such lovely gals.

  25. If u enjoy like this video, Levy did not 😀

  26. Come to Bavaria Germany, I a 920 am challenging you!

  27. More more more more more more more of this pleassseeeeeeee

  28. She's literally naked.. Seriously, nobody's pointing this out? Am I the only man with a working libido?

  29. No one but Levy would be brave enough to accept the queen's gambit blindfolded. Balls of steel man. Much respect.

  30. 1:54 – It's hilarious that the other blindfolded player knew what Levy was saying better than the people actually looking at the board. Hans just assumed between Qd7 and Qe7 that Levy would've made the better move of the two, while Andrea and Alexandra assumed he'd made the worse one. Levy, ya gotta get friends with higher opinions of you!

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