Playing a BLINDFOLDED Chess Grandmaster in NYC!

I played Grandmaster Hans Niemann blindfolded, Botez sisters made moves, chess hustler style at New York City’s Washington Square Park.

Video shot and edited by Vitor Fraga: [email protected]

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Shout out to @BotezLive and @HansNiemannChess for the collab.

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  1. Bruh how can han bend his back like that 😭😭😭

  2. NGL. If levy didn't already have a girlfriend, I'd say this was a pretty good double date.

  3. Hank's spine:Did I do anything bad to you?!!!!!

  4. Around 0:59: what makes white so much better after black’s knight move?

  5. 9 minutes n i havent looked at the game even once

  6. Please try and get a better camera angle for the viewers.

  7. Hans got that maxwell-boltsman graph posture 😂

  8. How is that possible wtfff is that photographic memory? Or some next level sht

  9. How can he even breathe with his fucking torso like that, impressive

  10. you're freaking sick guys !! I've never seen something like that before. Big respect!

  11. Andrea has the best legs of all the chess players there. AmIRight?

  12. This video needs to be watched by anyone who thinks Hans needs electronic assistance to compete and win at the highest level. To play blindfold with such speed and accuracy is very impressive. He clearly has the talent and skill to play at the highest level.

  13. Came back to this video after the whole niemann scandal thing. I don't think Niemann could have cheated here

  14. I want to see more of these interactive videos! Keep Killin it!

  15. This video confirms he was cheating. I mean you can't even see him wearing the blindfold because of Andrea's hair

  16. so this is the date promise? A blindfolded date lol

  17. When the chess speaks for itself, it’s not necessary to see the pieces, you only need to listen.

  18. Even levys position is better then Hans back

  19. Here Hans is still getting used to the beads, that's why his back is so clenched

  20. What kinda slick a** blindfold is this? HHaha… he keeps adjusting the little single layered flap at the beginning and you can see his eyes. Also, you can tell by his head movement him directing his vision toward the board….

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