Pippa rants about “Pros” and Chess Players

They sit and laugh watching you fail

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  1. Chess has a huge ego component, you can tell this by using logic but I also have personal experience with it, my brother has a huge ego and an unearned sense of superiority, he started playing chess, reads books about chess, goes to chess classes and even tried some low level tournaments, when I connect the dots it makes perfect sense that he is so interested in chess, he loves feeling intelligent and if you say that you are really good at chess that has a prestige element to it that other things don't, for example if you said that you are very good at Europa Universalis no one would give a shit but with chess it's different. It makes sense that there are good chess players flaunting that they are good at chess, the prestige element attracts people that want to flaunt about how intelligent they are even if the feeling of pride comes from being good at a stupid game that doesn't matter, imagine being an adult and feeling pride because you are good at a stupid game, now that I think about it it's similar to feeling pride for being able to solve rubik's cubes really fast (funnily enough my egocentric brother that is now interested in chess used to be interested in solving rubik's cubes).

  2. "Oh you like Chess? Name every Chess move."

  3. I can say that is true, me with my 400 hours in Elden Ring, waiting Pippa to stream the game and I'll sit in chat typing "Hehe git gud kid!!!!"

  4. The funniest is when chess fans try to pretend to be experts by entering a situation into a chess engine then calling out mistakes

  5. "Local rabbit doesn't seem to understand how boardgame works"

  6. I like playing some chess from tiem to time, but all the fun is taken out from it when some dunce brags about how he read 10 books on chess and took a paid class on it. Like holy fuck it's a game, replace chess with fortnite and see how 'cool' what you're saying sounds now. I knew one guy like that and admittedly I lost against him 9/10 times, but he was visibly pissed that 1 in 10 times or whenever something 'unexpected' happened.

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