Park Chess Player INSTANTLY Knew I Was Good

I played chess against a guy called Johnny whilst visiting Washington Square Park in NYC last summer! (This park is known for having a ton of chess players and chess hustlers). This was one of my most memorable chess games from NYC so I wanted to share it with you even if it was a while ago, hope you enjoy! 😀

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  1. This dude knows that he can mesmerise them with bullshit.

  2. I love playing Chess, I learned when I was 9 a teacher mr folden taught me to help my dyslexia I play for fun I’m no good at it personally but I do enjoy playing I lose more than I win but what a lovely way to pass time, if I’m ever there I’ll seek you out Johnny for a fun filled game.

  3. Love their banter. Love how they hardly look at the board before moving a piece. Love the age difference yet their connection.

  4. Loved this. Such a nice interaction. Thanks!

  5. He is so obviously on the ASD spectrum. But what a nice guy.
    And you are so nice to him.
    Really enjoyed watching this.

  6. Anna wins the chess match, loses the conversation match. Hahaha

  7. Wow he got checked at 17:00 and realized the game was over. His moment was over. Then he opened up. Whoa.

  8. i havent seen such a good video like this one in years

  9. I want to see his movie! Upvote this for donations!

  10. He is absolutely lovely. And guys, he probably is in the aspenger spectrum. Be more sensitive about it, please. I loved everything he has to say. Cudos to the girl.

  11. logorrhoea that is the medical diagnosis

  12. He is so awesome than he can talk about life and put insane move regardless the time ! 😀

  13. Holy Guacamole this gentlemen puts Shakespear in a corner.

  14. No disrespect. She is the most stunning and classy girl I have ever seen in my life. Absolutely beautiful.

  15. I was too distracted by the lady with the Afro. 😅

  16. Hustler can only talk so much until they get stomped then they talk some more. Respect was still there between both players and it was so fun to watch. I am sitting at like 900-1100 rating and won't go past that but I hope more people dive in because no matter the game, win or lose, it's fun to learn the history. Watch the IM's and GM's play. Try out the many openings to see how they can be played in so many ways. <3

  17. Wow.. that guy must have some mixed up feelings regarding that game.

  18. Know that I do not like you, because you mix Youtube-word with Chess.

  19. You played so weil. The guy is not friendly, he’s talking constantly to distract and tried to cheat. But he couldn’t fool you. And in the end he realize it.

  20. That was a really nice and sweet watch 😊

  21. I believe the entire time he was using an app to cheat. He was swiping using his phone the entire game. Who knows…

  22. I think he was going for the distraction strategy.

  23. 16:40 Why did this moment hit so hard?? You can physically see his enjoyment leave his body when he realizes the game is about to be over. Some people clean for “therapy”, some people garden or work on their car or even read a book in a quiet room. You can clearly see this man uses chess and talking with people as his. Keep going to that park Johnny, playing this game with her is the reason why you go there… never forget that.

  24. I bet he gets payed for time and not per match

  25. Bless this guy. May he always find someone to talk to. Someone else, that is. Not me. Please, oh god, not me.

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