Park Chess Player Can’t Believe He’s Playing A GRANDMASTER


In this video, Johnny (a park chess player) discovers that my mother, is a chess grandmaster. He gets very excited and they end up playing a game where he tries to play his absolute best. This video was recorded in Washington Square Park, in NYC.

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  1. Aman from the chessbrahs played the doctor in a video two weeks ago

  2. How did that bitch leave that poor old man standing like that, go find a chair or smth or make place for the poor old man to sit down. Smh

  3. Maybe time to update whos the most famous person your mom played? How about Magnus Carlsen? Id love to see that

  4. This camera is beautifully shot… Technology nowadays is just amazing.. for some reason I can really appreciate it in this video…

    Edit: I can see why now – it's 4k! So good and the focus is just right with the back blurred out of shot.. If this is Anna's work well done!

  5. This man should seriously consider becoming a chess teacher, even if he believes he isn't good enough to be one. There is some serious merit in being able to engage new players the way he does. To be able to help someone step foot into the world of Chess in such an attention grabbing way is invaluable.

  6. Quote of the year: "I'm a grandmaster at the social aspect. And this is the thing that this game gives birth to. It privileges me to meet people from all over the world, just like I did you. And that fruit settles in my soul. And makes me who I am today." – Johnny

  7. "The vikings were always fighting" – and stealing the most beautiful women from all over the place. We can see the result.
    Wonderful spirited men, what an heartwarming situation xD

  8. Funny I used to have a crush on your mum when I was a teenager back in the 80s. She was one of the best female chess players in the world at that time and one of the most photogenic so she was always featured in the chess magazines.

    Nice to see the good lucks didn’t skip the next generation.

  9. "Your resignation is requested"…. I gotta start using that line.

  10. Anna is the sweetest daughter gassin’ up Mum (and she deserves it ofc!)

  11. The doctor be like "Your resignation is requested" after Qe2 is just badass lol

  12. He didn't notice she was good, he's just making that up

  13. "The Doctor" AKA "Doctor Who" AKA "The Time Traveler" makes this video even better!!

  14. Johnny's energy + your dad's = potential lengendary

  15. I was hoping you’d post this game! Thank you!

  16. She apologized for him not being better than her lol

  17. Anna is so proud of her mum! Pia is so modest calm and quiet but also brilliant and deadly on a chess board. Johnny's genuine pleasure from the social aspect of meeting and playing people is lovely to see, and he's not wrong!

  18. "Doctor who"brings so much flavor to the story😂🎉,im hoping for the next episode😂

  19. all this video look like a good dream, i hope having this kind of good time wit nices peoples. love the humour to.
    (from france.)

  20. Love his reaction. Every move and every word GM mom says, hes enjoying it so much.

  21. your mother is angel ❤ too good for humans

  22. So glad you posted the 2nd game with this guy. He had no idea who these women were; yet he invited them over an gave an enthusiastic explanation of chess. So I’m glad Pia was able to give him the thrill of playing a GM. Love the channel, Anna.

  23. "That's my gift, to see someone's strength."

    Meanwhile… he completely missed the checkmate in the last video (and thought it was just a check), and was talking to Pia like she was a beginner. 😭

  24. Umm that is checkmate like well , yeah he is good Chess player speech teacher with stunning story, good social man, humble like Pía , video hurra for Him 💪🏻✌🏻🙏🏻

  25. shout out to the guy in the fabulous green berret !

  26. Your relationship with your Mom is amazing. I'm envious.

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