Park Chess Player Can’t Believe He’s Playing A GRANDMASTER


In this video, Johnny (a park chess player) discovers that my mother, is a chess grandmaster. He gets very excited and they end up playing a game where he tries to play his absolute best. This video was recorded in Washington Square Park, in NYC.

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  1. Plot Twist, the man with the green hat is Magnus Carlsen from the future.

  2. "She has a brain that's not from here…" True. Judit Polgar and Pia Kramling are on like another level.

  3. Your mom wins with gently voice ,she is great 🙂

  4. Johnny is a great guy, first video with him was just amazing, it's heartwarming to see he carries the passion!

  5. Green hat guy is like "i too got ears" when the opponent repeats whatever she says to him

  6. An elegant checkmate. Pia is such a patient sweetheart.

  7. I don't play chess or share much interest in the game, but this was excellent to watch, Kudos 👏

  8. That dude saying he is a time traveler is a liar… just by the way.

  9. Johnny should staart a youtube channel or something

  10. I want to go to a park and play like this, he is so wholesome hahaha

  11. Wow he wins! In storytelling. He combines philosophy and entertainment superbly!

  12. All these folks are genuinely so nice!

  13. I love how they try to distract each other with cheap talk

  14. i simply love the energy and passion the guy has .he is having so much fun and i like his mindset about losing

  15. This really makes me wanna play chess generally and outside specifically.
    Meeting all these fascinating people 🙂

  16. This time-traveling Doctor could win any chess game.

  17. loved the gentleman in the green beret! Well actually loved you all! It’s so nice to see good people having a good time… especially in today’s world…😔

  18. 3:33 Did anyone notice, that after her move the Bar goes 2 up for black?!

  19. In my , pia could be move hers knight to e4 instead move h5, cause could check at c3 and take the rook. Or in case he took knight, she could get the bishop at h4, some one can tell if I'm correct, or missing something.

  20. The man is so passionate. He turns into a little kid again after he hears she's a grandmaster. It's so adorable and inspiring. ❤

  21. What a video, this guy’s fun. Thanks for sharing! 😊

  22. Great to see this video. Was hoping for it after seeing the first part.

  23. best chess video i`ve ever seen, so calming, the interaction, perfect

  24. loool. is this the local madhouse in ny?

  25. "Your resignation is requested," Doc says hah

  26. The way you and your mom nod your heads while smiling is identical XD

  27. Really happy to see part 2. Love Johnny and Pia. Both such lovely people!

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