PAINFUL 600 Elo Chess Match

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  1. Now that's truly entertaining. You will never see a game this fun at the higher level, too much logic and brain power up there.

  2. as a fellow 600 this is just stupidity at its finest

  3. Me as a 500 elo player always takes the approach of thinking moving paws can turn the entire game sideways. Since there are 8 paws, and highly likely any move can be stupid.

  4. Did no one tell him that you can't promote a king?

  5. why do my 600 elo players play like a 2300 player and these guys are dumb asl💀

  6. im 205 elo and genuinely get better match ups than this

    Also GothamChess: This is why you always need to look for checks.

  8. If only I could achieve this level of performance in chess…

    I can only dream

  9. thereeeee i am… 600+ XDD
    much fun ^^… chaos ! 😀

  10. I was actually yelling while watching this💀💀💀

  11. This man makes the most painful game known to man hilarious and i love it

  12. watching these games. ive gone from now like 500s to almost 800. ty sir

  13. 16:23 I like how M23 and then quickly M16 for black is found just before Levy rewinds.

  14. I don't even understand chess too much, yet I'm still laughing my ass off

  15. "Aren't you glad you clicked on this video?" Yes, yes I am. It's the first one from Gotham that I've favorited actually…

  16. At this point they sre doibg blunders on purpuse

  17. Lol I actually guessed the move 3:02. I think white's plan was to bring the rook on H1 to E3 and creating a battery with Queen+Rook and threaten e7. This was a pretty common tactic used by the kids back in my childhood. It's immediately foiled by black playing D6 since the bishop on c8 guards against the rook moving to H3.

    definitely terrible but I am pretty sure that's the idea.

  18. It’s crazy lol i play on the chess app & they don’t even recognize my strategy saying im always blundering, but when you look at the game it stops the opponent from making certain moves since it will give me an opening. Screw their AI though im getting Ws around here gradually climbing up the ranks. My strategy even helped me go 6-0 in 1 day w/an avg of 20-25 moves per/game 🕺🏽

  19. I'm 620 and have never seen a game this bad. I know I suck, but not this bad.

  20. Stockfish got annoyed and just started playing tennis

  21. Isn't there a mate in 1 at around the 12 minute mark with Queen c3?

  22. I said he’s gonna play h4 and guess whatttt😂😂😂😂

  23. Levy at 10:15 can you please tell me why kxh3 is better than kd3 which forks the queen and double checks the king

  24. This is not at all how I play and I’m at 400 I’m confused

  25. Why does I watch this? My kids at 4 and 6 plays like this.

  26. This was pretty much how my games went till I watched on of your videos on openings, if you understand how to open the rest of the game falls in place after a couple days

  27. 6:23 crazy how he can see all the hanging pieces and I didn't even realise till he pointed it out

  28. Bro, stop checking!!
    Gotham literally 5 seconds later: Always look for checks

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