One of The Greatest Chess Games Ever Played – Morphy vs Anderssen 1858 (game 9)

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“Morphology” (game of the day Aug-25-2009)
Anderssen – Morphy (1858), Paris FRA, rd 9, Dec-27
Sicilian Defense: Paulsen. Szen Variation (B44)

1. e4 1 c5 2. d4 cd4 3. Nf3 Nc6 4. Nd4 e6 5. Nb5 d6 6. Bf4 6 e5 7. Be3 f5 8. N1c3 8 f4 9. Nd5 fe3 10. Nbc7 Kf7 11. Qf3 Nf6 12. Bc4 12 Nd4 13. Nf6 d5 15. Qh5 Kf6 16. fe3 Nc2 17. Ke2

After having cemented his status, by virtue of his triumph 1st American Chess Congress (1857), as one of the greatest masters in the world, Morphy traveled to Europe to play Howard Staunton and other chess greats. Morphy made numerous attempts at setting up a match with Staunton, but none ever came to fruition. Staunton was later criticised for avoiding a match with Morphy. Seeking new opponents, Morphy crossed the English Channel to France.

In Paris, Morphy suffered from a bout of intestinal influenza. In accordance with the medical wisdom of the time, he was treated with leeches, resulting in his losing a significant amount of blood. Although too weak to stand up unaided, Morphy insisted on going ahead with a match against the visiting German master Adolf Anderssen, considered by many to be Europe’s leading player. Despite his illness Morphy triumphed easily, winning seven while losing two, with two draws. When asked about his defeat, Anderssen claimed to be out of practice, but also admitted that Morphy was in any event the stronger player and that he was fairly beaten. Anderssen also attested that in his opinion, Morphy was the strongest player ever to play the game, even stronger than the famous French champion Louis Charles Mahe De La Bourdonnais.
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  1. You look like Theon Greyjoy, but with the junk still intact.

  2. Any human can make a mistake. As long as there is time on the clock. You have to beat me with checkmate

  3. He could of took the queen! All he had to do is put him in check before the rook put him in check

  4. "he didn't really have the full amount of blood in his body."

    -Agadmator, 2017

  5. I predict you will get to 1m subs and magnus will quot the game!

  6. Hey! How does it happends that this video isn't in the Paul Morphy Saga playlist?!

  7. @agadmator at 4:22 you show the move Bxd5+, but at the description of the moves in the game under the video after Nxf6+ and d5 you've written the move Qh5+. If Qh5+ black is actually winning ๐Ÿ™‚ …

  8. Drained By Leaches is the name of my new death metal band.

  9. I know this is an old game, but it is the first time I watched it. at 4:42, knight f cannot take the queen since it is pinned, maybe the other knight is what you meant.

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  11. Why not queen h4 in the end , check the and yoink the queen

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  13. I'm just a beginner who play chess for fun,I have no idea who's these,now I get it,this morphy guy is awesome.

  14. It's fun to watch there early videos and watch the dog go apeshit on the couch. But he didn't do anything this time.

  15. After kf6 Qf7+ and white should be in a winning position

  16. Weird hearing the name adolf.

  17. I love your channel. I am a very bad chess player because I think I am cleverer than I actually am. I watch your videos and it teaches me humility. What I love most is your love of the game.

  18. @10mins Agad says "Morphy was drained by Lichess."
    Internet in 1858 !

  19. sir, most of your video i can learn more.thanks.plz sir more in nimzo indian defence video

  20. i feel like I cheated the good stuff after re-watching this. Now I recalled the result. ๐Ÿ˜•

  21. wow this game was played 1858. That's incredible!

  22. Why each game is different from another???? The openings are pretty much the same…

  23. 7:09 f7 was checkmate after one more move, why to continue..?

  24. Morphy peaked at 2435 raw Elo in 1858. Imagine what his rating would be if he were playing to-day?

  25. Boring boring – moving the pieces forward and back alt the time, – it's confusing

  26. In the opening when Morphy plays Nb5, why doesn't Andersson kick the knight away by playing a6? Not doing so allowed Morphy to gain the initiative and continue his attack.

  27. What moves his direct show man,,
    Extra movings your showing ..
    Don't show your moves.. no need of your moves,
    What he played show that's it enough..

  28. A masterclass on attacking with tempo by Morphy

  29. Can u be my chess mentor lol I just discovered your channel I enjoy the videos

  30. After Bd5 check, black could have played Be6. I think this is the best response. Can you pl discuss this? In your video, this is not even discussed??

  31. Do they knew It was Smithmora gambit back then?๐Ÿ˜ถ๐Ÿ˜ถ

  32. I'm going through your vids to watch legendary matches but for some reason I'm having trouble breathing listening to how you speak

  33. I think it's very possible Paul Morphy was the greatest natural chess-genius who ever lived, even surpassing phenomenally gifted Bobby Fischer, who I would rank second in this same category.
    [Note: I consider this a different question than the "best" chess player ever.]

  34. Paul Morphy was a genius. But I like also very much the great chess energy by Adolf Anderssen. By the way. Anderssen was 40 years old, and Morphy was 21 years old.

  35. I tried to watch this, but I can't with all the interruptions and 'side trips' he takes. Its too distracting, wish he would just let the game flow so we can all appreciate the genius of Morphy instead of trying to build himself up with post the fact observations. We clicked in for Morphy, not you. Sorry thumbs down for me.

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