Not Even Magnus Carlsen Could Stop Hikaru Nakamura

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  1. If you look at their chess record, magnus wins 85% of the time 😂

  2. Nickname for hikaru the person that sees the future of the chess board

  3. This may or may not be an AOT reference but I heard it so therefore I respect this

  4. Hikari is faster but Magnus is better overall

  5. Hikaru proves once again that he is the KING of Speed Chess

    Edit: Jesus Christ, looks like I've started a war in the replies

  6. When it comes to speed chess, nobody can beat Hikaru

  7. I always knew Hikaru was better at bullet and blitz

    Edit : Ok im sorry maybe not blitz

  8. Hikaru has become a monster in speed chess.🎉

  9. Hikaru is an online chess merchant. Over the board Magnus crushes Hikaru in any aspect of chess. Over the board shows who’s truly the best.

  10. Hikaru is better at speed chess, Magnus is better at quality chess. Both are legends.

  11. Hikaru is the king of speed chess and also the greatest jerk who ever existed in chess history.

  12. Magnus fans are 12 years old who start to cry

  13. 3 matches in a row with dozen of games would be very tiring. Feeling sorry for Magnus.

  14. Our generation is blessed to have Magnus and Hikaru

  15. Hikaru is simply the GOAT of speed chess. First beating magnus in blitz and now billet

  16. Such a great match. Hikaru being the clear favorite was expected as he has played blitz and bullet very often but magnus really showed his greatness as well despite losing by making it go down to the wire.

  17. One thing that makes Hikaru so special in bullet chess is his accuracy in anticipating opponent's moves and premoving according to it .

  18. Congrats to Hikaru but let's face it, bullet chess is the least chess of all the formats

  19. Poor magnus fanboys crying hard in comments that he lost 😭😭🤓🤡

  20. magnus is on god mode, but hikaru is just to good in speed for bullet championship

  21. You can say “ bullet “

    Speed chess means also rapid/blitz and king is magnus

  22. Absolutely, Hikaru is one of the fastest one when it comes to speed chess. No doubt he has high IQ.

  23. BTW U BOZOS can also do commentary on a bullet match for money
    i mean wtf do we hear
    half sentences continuous ooo oooh oooo
    we don't get better by watching bullet chess

    y r u doing this??¿¿¿


  25. To be honest, it was not even close, hikaru destroyed magnus and he even admit it

  26. When it comes to slow chess magnus will make art with his puppet Hikaru 😂

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