Not Again!! Cheating in Chess

Hikaru checks out the new cheating allegations against IM Docx

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  1. That little sound for the adverts is super irritating btw

  2. Cheaters always gonna act like they never cheat. That's the whole point, they are conmen.
    Of course they will pretend to be innocent which is why you treat allegations carefully but also, there isn't smoke without fire.

  3. "He was watching TikToks. Yeah, exactly." queue rock outro

  4. Congratulations On beating Magnus and Congratulations on the 20k your amazing

  5. gg against magnus, watched the whole thing. was my first time watching chess championships. definitely was worthwhile very interesting games. good luck with future attempts

  6. Honestly Hikaru consulting his own brain during SCC should be considered cheating; itโ€™s too strong of an engine

  7. why is no one talking about the opportunity for players to pay off kenneth regan? dude has been consulted so many times and players are desperate af, not everyone is incorruptible

  8. Pretty much another proof that Ken Reagan needs to be taken with a grain of salt. No disrespect, it just doesn't seem that we should be giving him the benefit of the doubt that his system actually works. What FIDE should have done is a scientific study where they presented games to Reagan, some with very subtle cheating and others without cheating and see if Reagan could correctly identify which were the cheaters with at least a decent amount of accuracy. Right now it seems plausible that pretty much everyone but the most egregious cheaters are able to evade his analysis.

  9. Iโ€™m barely a level 100 a beginner and I had someone made his move in 0.1 seconds every time and I was confused if he was hacking or not or maybe if he was just premoving his pieces

    P.S I still won lol

  10. GG on speed chess championships premoving like a madman

  11. I've been getting so much shit for saying Hikaru would beat magnus in the final. Same shit I was getting for saying Hikaru is one of the goats after winning fisher random. HOW THEM APPLES TASTEEEEEEEEEEE. Great job Hikaru.

  12. Ay yo. Champ. Lookin' like a real fighter out there. Taking down #1. Additionally. To elaborate on the invest of your portfolio and other. Special offer to provide this insight of convert as much as possible of some crypto and Yen holdings. Hold reserve with orders on stock account. Set limit orders on Tesla and a few other for in a drop in price case. See what you got here.

  13. Belgians always suspiciously highly ranked in the ELO… for football.

  14. I always loved the idea of Hikaru and Magnus battling each other at the top. Now it's becoming reality. I've never been more excited to watch chess matches, especially with all the great commentary, following the chess boom of 2020.

  15. I like hikaru for so many reasons but for sure it's due Nakamura , Nakamura, Nakamura….! The song Nakamura. Hehe merry Christmas ๐ŸŒฒโ˜ƒ๏ธ

  16. Cheating ruins literally everything. It's a scourge on everything I enjoy. If you cheat in video games and/or chess, you should know that 1) no one cares about your "skills", 2) you have a personality disorder, and 3) us normal people play games because of the thrill in the process of genuinely becoming better than we used to be at something.

  17. Ken Regan has lost any credibility he might have had.

  18. Congratulations Hikaru on winning world speed chess championship.
    I was rooting for you.
    What a game.

  19. Hikaru's voice inflects way more after displaying superb chess skills during the recent chess tournament. I sure hope he doesn't win more big tournaments or he'll soon sound completely like a girl.

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  21. ุดุทุฑู†ุฌ ุงู„ุนุฑุจ says:

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  22. "Doc Ex"??? It's just his name: Stefan Docx. One syllable.

  23. If people can evade cheat-detection systems and algorithms, does this mean that chess is DEAD?

  24. All Beth Harmons games would be dissclassified as cheating according to pesent criteria

  25. Normal until asked to go through screening Lool what a joke

  26. Leave it to someone named Docx to be using word.exe…

  27. Seems the lawsuit is gonna fail, not because Hans Neiman is necessarily wrong. But rather because the lawsuit itself was executed poorly… Magnus should of at least premoved the bong cloud opening before resigning, so it wouldn't look like he was scared of Hans' prep. Magnus is obviously the superior chess player overall. But Hans could be Magnus's kryptonite. But because Magnus resigned after 3 moves, we'll never know. Would Magnus have resigned if Hans' second move was less strong? Again, we'll never know.

  28. one of the main issues with cheating comes together with the format and competitive focus of lengthy games. in short 1-2min games i would invite anyone to try cheating in person.

  29. This man's name is legit the filetype for a word document, pretty sick tbh

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