Nimrod’s Chess Tricks | Fishing Pole Trap

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  1. That is very funny. But not seriusly😂😂😂

  2. White was playing RUY LOPEZ and if he played it correctly he might avoid mate

  3. أهم شيء اتفله في الأخير 😂

  4. anak yg cerdik.
    konsentrasi lawan buyar ketika di anak menggosok meja dengan buah catur. luar biasa.

  5. That kid is like 5-7 years old and he won a adult

  6. Letting him win is not teaching him anything. Especially what the kid did at the end. You have to teach him better.

  7. “Have fun, be safe, be kind!”
    The end: Blows Raspberry

  8. That was obvious should have made an escape route, as soon as he bought out the rook you should have created an escape plan

  9. Broo last scene was funny 🤣😂😂😂

  10. Thats cute. Its wonderful that you are sharing your knowledge with a young person and making it fun for him. ❤

  11. วารินทร์ หมี่นเดช says:


  12. Even a small kid who has less knowledge about chess can win against you

  13. Dude if a rook and bishop are worth 8 points why isn’t the queen worth 8 points people think because of both diagnals but doesnt that mean it’s 11 points cause the bishop is 3😱

  14. Its not check mate there is a way in digonal

  15. Guy letting the kid won vs guy that is serious

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