Nguyen, Rakhmanov, Sarana, and Chigaev Battle for First Ever Gold in Olympic Esports 2023 in Chess!

The Olympic Esports Series (OES) is a global virtual and simulated sports competition created by the International Olympic Committee in collaboration with International Federations and game publishers. This year, was selected by FIDE and the International Olympic Committee to bring chess to the competition. Join us for the finals live from Singapore!

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  1. Exciting historic inaugural final round of the Olympic Esports Series 2023 in Chess — made more exciting by the expert Women Grandmaster commentaries of Nemo and Jovanka Houska! Congratulations to GM Aleksei Sarana for taking home the Gold from among thousands of participants worldwide! Hope Nemo and Jovanka return next year to bring us the excitement of the next Esports Series in Chess.

  2. Yes, chess belongs in the esport category, finally some common sense!

  3. I would like to see only WGM Commentators on the panel!

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