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We play FPS Chess versus my friends!

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  1. I noticed why did ssundee did bird’s opening

  2. Bro moved F pawn for the first move 😂

  3. They are the pawn,rook, bishop,knight,queen and king

  4. Rook Knight and Bishop that's the chess pieces names

  5. I went to poker and I loved playing that game. It was my favorite game to play chess online.

  6. Names here:pawn,rook,knint(idk to spell),bishop,queen and king

  7. All the ones at the front of the websites and back always the one that the plans are called punt the ones on the side on the end of the bed that I called castles and then the next one horse and the next one is pusher and then the next one king and queen

  8. Pawn ,queen ,king,bishop , knight and rook

  9. King, queen, rook, Bishop, pawn, Knight

  10. I was in World War I, and I can tell you that the armor was poop😂😂😂😂😮😮😮😮😮

  11. The fiery looking guy it’s the bishop

  12. All the Pisces are Call the Bishop Rook Pawn King Night Queen

  13. Why dont you en pessant the pawn infront off the king and queen

  14. there’s a game similar to this called chess fighting or something like that basically this but a 2d fighter and the pawns can’t fight only special units

  15. " characters " ☠️☠️☠️

  16. My dad I dabbed on him he was heartbroken

  17. There is night,pond,bishop,rock,queen, and king

  18. btw this is the old peices and the first video was the new ones

  19. King is all directions but 1 square each time

  20. what is this gamme called it looks fun

  21. Pawn rok knight Bishop Queen king those are all the picies names

  22. King
    Castle is a rook
    Little one is a pawn horse is a knight
    and the tallish ones are bishops

  23. Siri what is Gary Cole? Why are you said that he’s cool sometimes

  24. Pawns, Knight, Bishop, Rooks, Queen, and King!

  25. On siiiiiiiide is a rook horse bishop king queen bishop horse rook and poon

  26. Bishop pawn knight king queen rook all of the names

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