Never, EVER Resign In Chess

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  1. Hopefully you were referring to catholic bishops being put in jail

  2. With the amount of games, where I managed to draw or even loose when I had like a 20 point material advantage in endgame and potentially a mate in a couple of moves on the board…don't resign folks, not while you're bellow 1500

  3. This is retarded. As beginners, you might encounter people who will pre move the same pieces in order to beat you on time despite it being a definite losing position. If the position is hopeless you resign and that’s the end of it. All GMs do.

  4. I feel confirm that they are playing chess with their own decided rule that queens will be untouched.

  5. I resign sometimes and I absolutely hate it , mostly when i’s been at least 2 movs since I’ve had e a good position. Or any kind of move . I can screw up a lovely opening in 1,2,3 moves into my mid game . . I resign when I get bored ,nothing left to figure up. Blunder much though to. Frustrating it is frfr

  6. 6:17 "putting bishops in jail would actually be a good thing for society"
    I was totally not prepared for that one ^^

  7. I feel like kd5 for black was potentially a way to win white's passed pawn

  8. Never ever resignGM's: Yeah this is mate in 57 no matter whatresigning Sound

  9. Im terrible at chess my ELO is in the like 300s. I had lost every single piece of material except maybe a few pawns and my opponent had a rook a queen and a promoted pawn to queen. I'm stubborn and want ppl to checkmate me and I also kinda get dissapointed when ppl resign against me. So, i'll give ya the satisfaction of mate if you beat me. Somehow mate in 1 was missed like 3 times and the game ended in stalemate where the final move had like 5 ways to end in mate and the move chosen was the only non winning move 😂. So yeah I'll never resign

  10. They be missing so many checkmates ( white)

  11. When your opponent is more focused on winning material than figuring out checkmate in a winning position, there's also a good chance of them stalemating later you if you play on (in my experience, at lower levels.) Another reason not to resign.

  12. Seems like there was a move missing at the end of the game, that being Rh3+. That would've actually made it threefold repetition.

  13. If I ever become a GM, I'll never resign in tournaments. The last time a tournament game ended in mate was in 1929.

  14. Putting bishops in jail is good for society 😂

  15. Once I blundered my queen and my opponent won at the end but I made it really hard for him and I refused to give up because my pieces had a better setting. Still at the end he judged me and insulted me for not giving up. I dont give a fuck about his opinion because to make experience without a queen is valid and important.

  16. I'd say always resign if you intend to leave the game. It pisses me off so much when people disconnect instead of resigning, forcing you to waste time.

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