MYTHS VS TRUTHS: How do chess Grandmasters think?

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov explains how chess grandmasters think during a chess game, and breaks down the MYTHS and the TRUTHS about grandmaster’s thinking.

Smirnov will get inside of the head of a chess grandmaster, and explain how do he himself, as well as the other grandmasters, think while playing a game of chess, so that you can model that and become a strong player.

Also because Smirnov is turning 33 today, he summarizes his entire chess experience and give you a general blueprint that you can follow easily. Watch and enjoy! 😊

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  1. Happy Birthday GM Igor Smirnov. Your courses always benefit me.

  2. Happy Birthday GM Igor Smirnov! Incidentally its my birthday too!

  3. ohmergerd i finally understand the difference!

  4. Happy birthday, it was very helpful and also gives me more confidence in my abilities. 🙂

  5. Happy Birthday in what it is well said it is "the perfect age"!!!

  6. Very happy birthday and prosperous life to Sri Smirnov. Thanks.

  7. Happy Birthday GM Smirnov. I want to thank you for a sudden jump in my rating from 1480 to 1740 (over consistent performance in recent tournaments) after having watched some of your (free) videos. The main principle stuck to my head was "develop with a threat". That itself was sufficient to change the way I think before each n every move. Thank you, and wish you your best ever birthday with this message!

  8. Happy birthday sir….hope u will become the best chess coach in the world

  9. Happy Birthday Igor! Q: The prices in green are the discount price?

  10. Best kind of instruction, this. Not what to think, but how to think.
    P.s. I don't care if it's your birthday. Happy Halloween!

  11. Happy birthday Igor God bless you and your family. Keep up the great work.

  12. 16:46 Hi GM igor smirnov! I have 1 question what if the took go to the bishop? What now

  13. 8:22 Queen sacrifices are alway a pleasure to make and watch🤠

  14. In the 6:45 white to move, I think there is a short combination to either checkmate or win the black queen for a knight. Qg6 check, nf5 attacking black queen. If black queen moves, its checkmate – white Qg7. If not, white nd6 takes black queen. Really interesting. Looks like a quiet position, but both sides have immediate gamewinning option within 2 moves.

  15. Happy Birthday man, all through I’m 8 months late

  16. Posted almost 12 months ago… Happy birthday again!

  17. Great video. I can’t believe you don’t have double even triple subs and views. I follow a few channels some popular some not as however this is definitely one of the best- PERIOD-. This tells me it is the algo and advertising / being known. I know there are literally hundreds of thousands of potential viewers who would watch if they know you existed. So getting your name out there is important. Not saying your channel is small it’s still known and not small but can be easily 3 times bigger

  18. Absolutely loved your explanation. Thanks GM.

  19. Very clear and helpful explamation, thank you!

  20. Smirnov is a born teacher!…anybody that doesn't come away with something he has learned from Smirnov is just not a chess player…and will probably never be a chess player!.

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