My Top 5 Chess Players of All-Time


  1. No.3 Bobby Fischer??? Bruh he deserves no.2 or no. 1 😟

  2. Who is here after magnus winning blitz rapid 2022

  3. MEANWHILE 5 TIMES world champion Vishwanathan Anand :- am i a joke to you bloody asshole.

    He is still world no. 9 (@age of 53) and in top 10 since last 33 years

  4. I love the magician and the greatest chess entertainer Mikhail Tal

  5. Gary Kasparov > Bobby Fischer!?!!?!!??!???

  6. Morphy – Romantic
    Capablanca – Class and positional
    Tal – Wizard
    Bobby Fischer – Chess Before Bobby and after bobby
    Kasparov – Legend is a small word to him
    Carlsen – Human + Engine
    Anand – Cool & inspiration to many young Indian players.

  7. Correct the map of India American Gucci otherwise 🗿.

  8. Dude, I've never heard of you, but your list is funny. You must know that Kasparov is a product of Russian chess machinery. Fischer did everything himself.

  9. Kasparov over Carlsen and Kasparov was NO 1 for 20 years not 15

  10. Yall sleep on Hikaru in another era Hikaru would be the best he is just Overshadowed by Magnus

  11. Bro really said number 5, number 3, number 3, number 2, number 1

  12. He found these people so good he thought they didn't deserve 4th and tied them both at 3rd

  13. Pls include Lasker next time. Most championship titles ever by FAR

  14. Where is enamel Lasker bruh he is the largest reign of world champion 🏆🥇 plz mention him

  15. Mikhail tal left the chat

  16. best chess players ever
    Adolf Anderssen
    Magnus Carlson
    Howard Staunton
    Bobby Fisher
    Louis Paulsen
    Ignatz Kolisch
    Joseph Blackburne
    Wilhelm Steinitz
    Johannes Zukertort
    James Mason
    Mikhail Chigorin
    Siegbert Trasrrasch
    Amos Burn
    Emanuel Lasker
    Harry Pillsbury
    Richard Teichmann
    Rudolph Charousek
    Frank Marshall
    Geza Maroczy
    Dawid Janowski
    Carl Schluchter
    Rudolph Spielmann
    Akiba Rubinstein
    Richard Reti

  17. For me it'll be
    1) Magnus
    2) Garry
    3) Vishy
    4) Fisher
    5) Tal

  18. No one gonna call him out on saying “on number 3 Jose Capablanca” when he was number 4?

  19. He.. is being sued for a hundred million 😭

  20. Bobby didnt deserve it he said bad things about women not being great at chess and others

  21. Top 5 chess players:
    Number 5 to number 3, to number 3, to number 2, to number 1

  22. I hope this guy one day becomes a IM or GM and get 3 norms

  23. Kasparov

  24. As of my knowledge in September 2021, the best chess player in America is generally considered to be Grandmaster Fabiano Caruana. Caruana is known for his exceptional talent and achievements in the game of chess. He was born in the United States but also holds Italian citizenship. In 2018, Caruana challenged Magnus Carlsen for the World Chess Championship, narrowly missing out on the title in a tiebreak. However, please note that chess rankings and titles can change over time, so it's a good idea to check for the most recent information to determine the current top chess players in America.

  25. bro did not just say capablancas the best endgame player of all time 💀

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