My Opponent Memorized Every Opening, So I Tricked Him

Welcome to the Recap of my penultimate round of the Reykjavik Open. After two consecutive sore results I am looking for a way to bounce back into this!


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  1. Bonjour, mon neveu Izaac est sur la photo 😊

  2. I find this video incredibly enlightening and has sparked more positional ideas in me. Your playing style is methodical and meticulous. Thank you for sharing this video!
    Also, at 6:16, the engine only thinks that White's position is +1. What counterplay does Black have?

  3. Nice win Zach! Great game. Keep up the good work. Win this tournament!

  4. "he knows every opening! what do i do???"
    idk this opening but this move looks good enough ig

  5. Knowing how knight moves at 1800 elo is just absolutely crazy.

  6. What the hell is so damn special about this opening..!! That he loses just because he doesn’t know it All white has to do is not take back and maybe reply with something like d3 followed by Nd2 and maybe the position is decent for him.. fucking pathetic

  7. That's really cool to learn a gambit like that!

  8. Bonjour, mon neveu Izaac est sur la photo 😊

  9. pin this comment for 1 brilliant move on the ches board

  10. Knowing 20 moves of theory in 3 gambits at 1800 rating is just absolutely wild.

  11. For an 1800 it's crazy good.. But he might have lil weak tactics and endgames cause of the opening prep he would win 90 percent games from the opening phase. But I may be completely wrong but 20 moves of theory is insane

  12. Poor guy forgot about the bishop on I27

  13. Me learning 20 moves of theory to win…
    My opponent:

  14. Hey I really like these recaps/commentaries on your games, I find them just as enjoyable as recaps from gotham chess!

  15. Lost a really crazy game against a 1770 today. I'm pretty happy with the way I played it though.

  16. Improvement spotted. You said you really got scared (6:16) but you didn't freak out! Thank you for more pointing out your opponent's good and bad moves. You're such an enjoyable teacher.

  17. bro how u see those lines u feel like a gm to a 1300 like me

  18. Hey zach m from nepal I suck at endgame can u make some videos on endgame for intermediate players

  19. the gambit name is pronounced rather like "Gah-yef-ski" in Polish. I watched this game live during a stream with Max who was the presenter. It was pretty fun and the game went on for 4 or 5 hours, crazy.

  20. These chess players are trash 1800 is good😂

  21. You should rub one under the table for better focus

  22. that guy played in the Oregon open with me lol.

  23. Thechessnerd i won a tournament with people that are 2100 irl elo

  24. Someone seriously talked about rubbing one under the table😂😂

  25. Amazing explanation of this game, many techniques explained and used!

  26. GUYS I FOUND “CHESSNERD” LOST BROTHER. It’s chronometercheck

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