My Grandmaster Mom Played Chess Hustlers in Union Square Park

During our visit to NYC my mom GM Pia Cramling played some games against a chess hustler in Union Square Park. Hope you enjoy the video and let me know in the comments what you thought about the games! 😀

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  1. I’m new to chess and her level is where I can only hope to get.

  2. she is a grandmaster, and one of the
    strongest chess women i heard
    'the destroyer' like the navy ship

  3. Dude: *plays super fast*

    Pia: “have you met my husband?”

  4. the daughter talks so highly of her momma, lovely ❤

  5. He is one heck of a player too. Holding his own against a GM for the majority of the game is very difficult

  6. I want to give her a tissue sooooooooooo fucking bad.

  7. He gave you great content and your mother a good game, and you label him a "hustler." The fucking worse yo! & I don't want to hear that "she doesn't know the language bullshit." She knows the language enough to call a Black man a hustler but none of the other competitors in her videos.

  8. It’s disrespectful to refer to this man as a hustler. We saw nothing to indicate that. This “title” cheapens what would otherwise have been an entertaining video.

  9. 1:49 was nastyyyy 😭🤣such fun games!!! Both are such great players :3

  10. Random Mario lyrics😂😂😂😂😂SaAvveE mMeee… Going ahead go ahead and save😂😂😂😂

  11. I don't understand why he gives the queen the first game, plenty of options imho.

  12. What a gentleman! Loved this interaction. A talented, jovial player coming across a talented grandmaster.

  13. So what exactly makes him a hustler? Compared to the other ppl you’ve filmed…

  14. In an age dominated by digital games. It is so wonderful to see people enjoying and promoting the quintessential strategy game. I hope this gains even more traction, the world needs this.

  15. How are you matching the gameplay to the online screen?

  16. Clickbait… really? Kinda makes u even more unlikeable.

  17. Really nice interaction, your man is way cool and she IS a beast!

  18. Nobody got hustled just a friendly game between humans. I wish we all played more games and learn from each other

  19. Your mother is a great champion!!! Congratulations!! I started following your channel with great love!! I like chess very much!!!

  20. Big John is now hustler. I'm the only hustler here baby.

  21. The daughter just couldn't wait to tell him. That's annoying. Just let them play. The moment she said "she's a GM" I left the video.

  22. I would love to play chess in ny one of my dreams

  23. she seems so sweet, all yall. ✨💛 I take it gm is a pro? she has the face of a pro. the focus is beautiful. fun to watch.

  24. Beautiful! The gentlemen showed a high level of respect, this was really nice to watch. Bravo to you both.

  25. The disrespect of calling this man a hustler—when you withheld her GM title till after the first game. If anything, you and your mother are hustlers

  26. He is 1000 times more interesting than either the mom or daughter who definitely had the benefit of training for years

  27. Confused why he's a 'hustler', and not just a ridiculously skilled chess player outside.

  28. game two was amazing to watch. this was a masterclass on how to play two rooks for a queen I would never want to play that line

  29. It's fascinating to watch people play chest.

    I'm not sure if the title is a microaggression or something lost in translation, but it is kind of uncomfy. Why a hustler?

  30. I don’t really know the game very well, but there is something so compelling about watching these two play

  31. They are hustling him duck the goofy Karen and her mama

  32. So what is worse?
    Getting beat by a trash talker that gloats
    Getting beat by someone that apologizes for beating you.

  33. its really annoying how your mom keep knocking the chess piece – He seems like a really nice guy so it worked out but some people won't be so nice about it.
    It almost seems like a tactic/dirty move to get the rhythm off of him.

  34. This goes to show you that experience will get you far. Education is worthless if you don’t use it. He’s not a grandmaster but he’s so experienced that he’s hanging with her. Great interaction

  35. I could do without the daughters and this inaccurate title

  36. I got distracted by big ass blunt the dude in the background is smoking. Great chess though, I would have screwed up so many times even in those great positions.

  37. thats skills both are so thrilled to playy each other

  38. Described both they're personalities. Mean for no reason 😂😂

  39. These two are just wholesome and adorable and I’m here for it

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