My GM Mom Challenged My GM Dad To a Chess Match

My GM parents challenged each other to a best out of 10 games blitz chess match! Hope you enjoy the match 🙂

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  1. Annoying voice
    Turn the volume down to skip all the moronic blonde

  2. Omg your chess family are so lovely ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. It’s SO funny how he HITS the timer and she just GENTLY touches it!!!😂😂😂

  4. Me encanta el espíritu joven de tu padre, es como un niño 😀

  5. Now I understand why you're the only daughter in this house; instead of making your mom the chessboard he plays with at night, your dad plays chess with her every time until sleep overcomes them 🙂

  6. El que penso que era buena idea poner los textos en Catalan, tiene un problema.

  7. Why she never stops talking trying to coach them lol she should be quiet

  8. Thank god I am from Spain where so many girls have the lovely “gracia” of Ana. A pleasure to watch your parents play

  9. Definitly Pia has fhe power to enchant everybody to fall in love with chess❤❤❤

  10. I have no idea why he couldn't promote the pawn, i mean sorry if my low elo brain is thinking the wrong thing here, but that pawn was so close to promoting, so why not just promote?

  11. Your dad had to lose otherwise he would get in some trouble after the match ;D

  12. best out of 10? thought it's usually odd numbers

  13. This was fun to watch, thank you. I am a fan of Juan’s play style, and Pia’s positions are great to see. Thank you 🙏🏼

  14. Wonderful to watch a truly happy family – of literal genius too.

  15. They are very competative you can tell.

  16. Dad was practicing Karate in a previous live. Mom was practicing Aikido in a previous live.

  17. Don't get. .if for fun…take queens off board or something..keep playing

  18. Your mum is insane at chess man, I mean so is your dad but I can see why he pointed to your mum when you said we'd find out who was better at chess.

  19. When you comment, it would be better if you were in a different room and your parent couldn't hear you. You can watch using a camera. Also, there is too much commenting. It doesn't have to be continual.

  20. How Dows this work connecting the chessboard and the display. Is that a special Product – sorry to ask, I am new to the world of Chess

  21. imagine dating anna ,and the parents say do want a game of chess……

  22. A great video 🎉
    Many thanks to mom and dad for playing such wonderful games …
    No throwing of kitchen utensils or furniture .
    Very enjoyable games to watch and learn.

  23. I'm used to the videos where her parents comment, and figure things out slower, but they are both moving so quick here. I'm blown away! This is what a Grandmaster battle looks like, so fun!

  24. People who play chess are way too serious. All that brain power that goes no where.

  25. The family that plays chess together stays together

  26. dios como se nota la diferencia de acento entre ellos, se nota muchisimo que el papa es español de verdad, es increible me encanta esta familia

  27. Could chess board be bigger on the screen would be easier to follow the game. Thanks!

  28. 😂😂😂😂😂this is crazy🤦‍♂️

  29. Love this family absolutely marvelous you are verry special anna to have beautiful parents😊🙏❤️

  30. why is your belly showing. not normal.

  31. Hola me gustaría conversar contigo para despejar algunas dudas sobre mi juego necesito consejos

  32. Well I want a daughter like you! Give me a copy of you!

  33. LOL, not even try to hide whose side you are on!

  34. Wow.. Good to see that all of your family is good at chess👍

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