My First Win Against a 1900 Elo Chess Player

Calling this a brilliant chess game is a stretch, but I am very proud of it and the progress I’ve made. Despite the mistakes made in this game, I won’t lie to you guys, I may be the greatest chess player who ever lived. Up there with games from Bobby Fischer, Paul Morphy, Magnus Carlsen, and many others (obviously a joke). I could do tons of videos on tricky chess openings, chess tips for beginners, chess puzzles, speed chess, chess tactics, or chess endgames, but these videos will always be the most fun to make. Chess strategy is very difficult to learn, but to some people these brilliant chess moves just come naturally. You can get very good at chess watching guys like Hikaru, Agadmator, Eric Rosen of Gotham Chess, but to some extent you need a level of intuition that can carry you passed your genetic limit, and these guys had that intuition in spades. If you want to get better try learning solid openings like the London system, Italian game, Run Lopez, or Sicilian defense, and focus on learning the opening theory and basic concepts around those positions. Make sure to subscribe, also check out channels such as the channel and the chess 24 channel for great content. ChessBrah also has great content. Eric Hansen beat some pretty high level grandmasters such as Magnus Carlsen this year so keep an eye out for him. Daniel Naroditsky has very instructive videos, as does Ben Finegold. Also check out guys like Chess Nerd, coffee chess, and the Botez sisters (Alexandra and Andrea botez)! I hope you guys enjoy the video, let me know what you think in the comments! #chess #chesstactics #chesspuzzles #chessopenings #chessstrategy #hikaru #magnuscarlsen #agadmator #ericrosen #gothamchess #garrykasparov #Paulmorphy #vishy #vishwanathananand #adolfanderssen #stockfish #chesstips #chesstricks #checkmate #speedchess #botezsisters #andreabotez #alexandrabotez #botezgambit


  1. Who can count the amount of times i said the wrong piece/wrong square??

  2. I think the highlight of this game is that you went and played h6 instead of Bxh2. I completely underestimated the power of the black bishop so I instinctively wanted to take the rook. Anyways gg Chess Tactics!

  3. you are killing it, loving this content! keep it up, you are becoming quite the chess player!

  4. What was the format of this game? Just curious. Nice game!👍🏻

  5. Nice game, that guy couldn’t do anything there

  6. content idea for ya that i dont think anyone else is doing. Grind up to legends league and then when they hold their tournaments (last friday of every month) you can livestream them and it will give some insight to how a 1600-1800 rated player handles pressure/prepares for events.

  7. Just reached 1000 yesterday. Did I tell you that? It's not like I've been talking about it all day.

  8. I'm about 1500 rated, depends on the time control, but how can I increase rating? I'm kinda lost. You make it look so easy

  9. missing the mustache, only my family has been calling me a nerd, my chess tactics are getting rusty…

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