My Favorite Chess Tactic ⚡️


  1. Comment to help you break the algorithm part 4

  2. Oooooohhhh suddenly it's so hot here 👋👋👋

  3. Wow i love these attraction tactics which force royal , fork thanks for a nice video 🙂

  4. I love your energy you give off I'm. your videos, keep it up

  5. THE best chess content creator bro your passion for chess is infectious

  6. Bro No joke you said bishop check I lost my shit

  7. Wow if I play with you then my first task is to kill your knights because you're amazing play with your knights

  8. Hmm I didn't see that at all. In this position the queen wasn't a threat at all. From my point of view it's a forced checkmate.

  9. I thought of nf6 kh8 bg7 kxg7 and then the knight takes the rook

  10. When I hear white to play and “win” I assume the puzzle is looking for checkmate, not winning material xd

  11. Knight to f6 then take rook with knight not with your rook. If they take your knight then checkmate them with your rook and if they don't then take their queen. Your solution is way overcomplicates everything imo. Plus you lose way less pieces too

  12. I actually saw a checkmate, i dont know if thats a good or bad thing

  13. doesn't knight f6, knight takes rook, rook takes knight, rook takes rook, allow a much faster checkmate?

  14. If I got hit with that combo I would flip the board over lol j/k

  15. "I'm deadly in rook up positions" ~GM Jan Gustafsson

  16. Want more chess tactics like this. Keep it up. We are with you brother. 💯 ❤️ 😍

  17. If the opponent is stupid you can easily checkmate him or her with instead of taking the rook with the knight instead of using the rook and when they take the knight you take the rook using your rook. Kaboom checkmate

  18. Give the position to me and I will show you how to lose while being a rool< up

  19. Does anyone have a link to the stream from the game?

  20. 1300 rated level puzzle. Not a big deal.

  21. the guys in chess rpoblems : 🙂
    the guys in math rpoblems : 🙂

  22. And I would still be able to lose that game even with a rook up

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