My Favorite Chess Tactic ⚡️


  1. No it’s not completely over because the other player was a queen up and now your saying it’s over because a rook up 🤣

  2. this is your fav?? Bruhh i found your another vid man that vid is so menace has insane tactics compare to this 😬😬

  3. What's the name of this board background and pieces design?

  4. For the first time i saw all the best moves before knowing that!

  5. I feel good about finding this one. Working backwards and seeing the knight attacks the Queen at the end of the line essentially solves the missing piece for you.

  6. Damn! I would have overlooked if i were in this situation

  7. I love your work man! Really helpful
    How can i train this specific tactic?what should i search?

  8. Did anyone else find checkmate in 3 moves?

  9. what does like rook up or like bishop up?? i’m confused

  10. I actually found this one, really neat

  11. The way you explain chess is so good, it shows how much you love the game

  12. How do I find chess unlimited chess puzzles?

  13. Yeah but when will I ever be in that exact situation


  15. So, fork plus decoy (Bg7 is decoy not just sacrifice).

  16. its so weird how your brain gets better at chess. like i didnt really have a concious thought process and then i solved it.

  17. That was a check mate instead of sacrificing the rook you should have used the knight .

  18. Wow, I would've taken the rook with the Knight immediately

  19. It's not happening when I play but I really hope it's happening to me when I play with other people like that.

  20. You underestimate my power…to blunder my rook and still lose

  21. Lesss gooooo i did it even though i have 1043 elo

  22. I like your these kind of videos without music … keep going bro

  23. maybe if knight takes rook it leads checkmate.

  24. This is the reason why I subscribed and that’s why you’re the goat!!!

  25. I got all the way until bishop sac I need to get better at forcing royal forks

  26. love how happy he seems laying chess

  27. If my opponent did this to me I would be crying and quit chess right at that spot

  28. Is it checkmate if we take rook with knight and they takes knight with rook and then we take rook with rook?

  29. I should’ve paused the video to find the bishop check. Loved this tactic

  30. I legit couldn't see the other rook on e1 due to the placement of the subscribe button lmfao

  31. Isn't knight f6 then knight takes e8 then rook e8 checkmate

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