My Favorite Chess Tactic ⚡️


  1. how did i find that 👹👹🤯🤯🤯🤯

  2. Can you tell me how you can use orange arrow? Where the fitur

  3. Why can’t you after knight checks go knight e8, black rook takes, white rook takes and mate.

  4. Why can’t the knight take the rook and the rook takes rook and this mate isn’t it

  5. i would have fucked it up and be down 3 material

  6. Kf6 then black moves king h8 u take the rook with the knight he if he takes u then white rook takes black rook and its checmate

  7. Oh man! I don't think I'd have found that in game, because my positions are way worse. Regardless, I'm glad I was able to spot the Bishop move this time!

    Fantastic puzzle! Absolutely love your content!

  8. I dont see the e1 square bruv, how should i solve this

  9. Am I wrong when the knight takes the rook and there rook takes knight then Rook takes rook is checkmate

  10. Dude I saw the whole sequence beforehand😱😱😱😱.

    I am 900 elo

  11. When you spot the obvious check, depending on your depth, the solution becomes obvious. I effing loved the puzzle. Wish it happens everyday in my games

  12. You are good to make favorite chess puzzle

  13. Nf6(w), Kh8(B), Ne8(W), Re8(B), Re8(W) check mate, W wins

  14. Can we ever be a half queen down ? if so how does it move ? half range of a full queen ?…

  15. Actually i didnt see the moves i just saw the check mate in three moves sacrificing the night

  16. Knight to e8 if rook takes rook to e8 checkmate if he doesn't take take his queen

  17. Was it just me who couldn't see the rook under the subscribe button? Good puzzle nevertheless!

  18. You can also create a passed pawn right after taking the silly queen

  19. Position is equal but knight is better than bishop in endgame closed position. So white is winning.

  20. Today i forked the King + Queen and the enemy knight 💀

  21. Actually you can checkmate from this position…

  22. If you first took the rook with your knight you would have gotten checkmate :/

  23. Just take the rook with knight then rook exchange and it's a beautiful checkmate

  24. Idk but isnt kinght takes rook not rook takes took and then the rook takes rook then cheakmate??

  25. I think I found it! I actually found it! If I’m wrong I’m gonna be heart broken

  26. I am still waiting for the day I get a position like this

  27. But The important question is that will you find a way to not loose the rook left

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