MVL vs. Wesley & Andreikin vs. Grandelius | Classic 2024 Div II & Div III Grand Finals

The $300,000 Classic is the second of four tournaments preceding the Champions Chess Tour live Finals. The 2024 Champions Chess Tour (CCT) is’s most important event series of the year with the overall winner being crowned Tour Champion, the highest annual honor conferred by the world’s largest chess platform. The pool for the Tour Finals remains $500,000 making the total available on the Tour a cool $1.7 million. The time control for every stage will be 10+2.


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  1. Magnus howell and dani are just wesley so funny

  2. Naroditsky is the best player in the world ๐ŸŒŽ

  3. Can we please encourage more Danya impressions

  4. 3:49:16 by the skin of my teeth – yeah, a little luck and a little skill and you can go far

  5. I didn't know MVL moves pieces with either hand. Most players use the same hand, usually their dominant hand. I've always moved with my left hand even though I'm right-handed. I think it's a left brain-right brain thing, but it's interesting that MVL uses either.

  6. Why aren't you showing all the moves on both games?

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