Most Handsome Chess Players Ever 🗿🍷


  1. daniil dubov, esipenko, morozevich, you miss that

  2. vladimir kramnik at young was on another level

  3. Capablanca, Tari and Forest hands down the Top 3

  4. Aint no way someone guesses van foreest as a chess player first try

  5. Where is Jose Capablanca??? He was also extremely well dressed at all times, far, far, better than those on display. Also, not least, he was also more naturally gifted than those on display although that is a separate topic.

  6. THIS IS SO WRONG! Bobby fischer is the only attractive one on this list!

  7. A qué dibujo anime pertenece la primera imagen?

  8. Young Ivanchuk was stunning. Now it's Jordan Van Foreest

  9. I will say giri and hikari when they were like 17 or 18. And jorden Van ofc

  10. And garry kasparov 😂😂😂😂😂

  11. How is anand there🤔🤔🤔

  12. Literally none of them are good looking, except maybe for bobby, he was a good looking man.

  13. bro wdym bobby and tal I'm sorry but wdym

  14. Are you kidding? Anand , Ivanchuck are not handsome. Capablanca was handsome in his prime.

  15. Hey where is Nakamura 😂😂😂

  16. Check Young Kramnik pictures on Google. That guy looked like a fucking Rockstar Legend. Tal was a Handsome guy with a beautiful smile.

  17. Vidit gujrati is so fine ❤❤❤

  18. I think most handsome and "Smooth operator" was Capablanca!

  19. This is gay a dude picking out handsome dude idk…🤨🤔

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