Most Handsome Chess Players Ever 🗿🍷


  1. And a boy made this video?💀💀💀

  2. How about Alexander Alekhine and Max Euwe?????

  3. Bobby Fischer in his prime was 10/10.

    No homo.

  4. The most handsome and giga mega Chad players

  5. Disclaimer – No Bobby Fischer was harmed in this video

  6. Fun fact:- sabko sirf 'jorden van foreest' achha lga 😂

  7. Everyone gangsta until Hikaru enters with the sunglasses 😂😂

  8. Aah vishy looks like spiderman tobet spiderman 😂 gonna shoot some chess pieces lmao

  9. All others had rizz but Bobby Fischer was the 'Rizz'

  10. For me hikaru is the most handsome chess player

  11. Vishy Anand and Vladimir Kramnik were the most handsome among them!!!😎😇🤗

  12. I speak in average accuracy, not personal opinions.

  13. 1 unlike for that south Asian man called vishy**

  14. The last 2 were the coldest chess players of all time😈

  15. I forgot to mention – Alexander Morozevich & Aryan Tari.

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